Monday, July 31, 2006

We have chosen to live and we refuse to die

You've all heard about what has happened lately in Lebanon, I couldn't possibly update on Monday and as I am writing right now, I am not certain I would be able to post this anytime soon. But I am, and everyone I know, are OK.

We have lived, in the past few days, a very destructive and tormenting experience. And between Hezbollah and the Israel we stand like an orphan child between pedophiles.

I wrote a few posts but I am afraid it’s all about this nameless war, but you’ll have to excuse me I have started noting these things 3 weeks ago so some are not up to date. And I apologise for disappearing like that I couldn’t post for certain reasons, nothing dangerous or anything I am perfectly ok.

Kidnaped v/s Prisoners
Hezbollah's point of view
Qana as always
What the Lebanese are responsible of
Sad scenes
Who's under attack?
The funny part
The UNIFEL and the Qana massacre
What is Hezbollah relying on?
Who's going to rebuild?
The current situation: Balad Mankoob
The Lebanese general opinion: We did not want this fucking war
The Arab position
Two attackers one victim
The UN
Israel's point of view


shlemazl said...

Great posts.

Don't agree with the pedophile metaphor as all Israel wants from Lebanon is a safe border. Hey, we are at war, so we should disagree about something, eh?

Glad you and family are o'k.

jokerman said...

Good to see you are ok, that paedophile remark sums it all up.
I will read the posts later as i will have questions to ask.

If Israel wants a safe border with lebanon, the IDF should start conducting its operations professionaly & fight Hizbolah directly.
But so far all i have seen, apart from stupidity, is barbaric bombings that are not just hitting lebanese civilians,but also Israel's status in the west & peace supporters.
This war will not bring any security to anyone.

Nomad said...

so, you are safe that's the only thing matters for me

Chris in MB said...

Good to see you're ok & back!
I see you've been busy, going to have to print this all out to read properly tonight.

"I couldn’t post for certain reasons, nothing dangerous or anything I am perfectly ok"

So does that mean you just forgot to pay your internet account bill?!?

Pazuzu said...

I do understand, or at least I think I understand, the Israeli concerns. But i strongly believe that this step won't serve the Israeli security, but even if you end up winning this war, we as Lebanese have lost and keep on losing. I don't think that Israel will do us anything if our economy would collapse and we would start trying to rebuild.

I am pleased to answer questions, if I have any answers that is, I only have subjective views.

Merci, ça me touche profondement

No I don't even have any internet, I post from a net cafe :p
But I am glad to be important enough to cost someone to print and read my posts, I suddenly feel so important!