Monday, July 31, 2006

Israel's point of view

Israel's point of view is far more simple. In contrast with the Lebanese society, Israel is far more homogeneous. Which is due to many factors.

On one hand Israelis have alot of common enemies. The Lebanese have alot of enemies, for each sect an enemy or two.

Israel is economically stable and relatively prosper. Lebanon's struggling to survive the debts which puts alot of pressure on the central authority and fortifies the seperatists.

Israelis have in fact one religion, even though there are many Muslims and some Druze, Israel is the Jews' homeland and serves only there interests. Lebanon has too many religions and each claims to BE Lebanon, not to mention that (almost) each sect serves the interests of some external force.

Israel has won practically every war it has launched or resisted. Lebanon... Well let's just say that Lebanese are simply too tired of war and too tired of thinking about it to the point where we'd prefer leaving our country on fighting for it anymore.

So in general the Israeli position is much more at ease. They had been preparing for a long time now a massive military operation on Lebanon. I mean, last time I checked Israel was always one step ahead of Hezbollah, it was always protected and the Israeli soldiers are much protected. I doubt that it was enough for Hezbollah to simply enter Israel take a couple of soldiers and then retreat back. Not just that! Israel had already lost one soldier for the Palestinians in Ghazza! I doubt that the Northern borders would even be relaxed enough to allow ANY Hezbollah movement! In my humble opinion, Israel wanted these two Kidnaps to take place, to put into action its military assault.

What ever it was, Isreal played its cards well (as always). Not only they made sure to give the international and Israeli public opinion good justifications for the assault and they did there assault in a very smart and effective manor. According to the latest statistics (on Tuesday) almost 70% of the Israelis are totally behind there government, anything higher than this percentage indicates fraud and/or dictatorship. In addition, Israel has an international support, not to mention the American traditional Veto support.

So for at least for now, Israel has no reason to stop.


jokerman said...

I have mixed feelings about this post.
1-Israel is not so homogeneous as you may think. There is a chasm between the Sephardics & Ashkenazi for example. However,They are not divided as lebanese are.
2-Religion in Israel is not one, 5 million jews & nearly 1 million arabs & druze of sunni muslims & christians. They are still Israeli citizens, whether or not they are considered second class citizens is another matter.
3-Israel defeated its adversaries in all major wars yes, with the exception of yom kippur as it ended in a draw, but i dont see how their position is more at ease!! They are surrounded by unfriendly neighbours whom some are hostile, which makes them on the look out all the time, their military service & conscription is unique but has for sure its disadvantages & drawbacks. I cant see how their position is at ease.
4- I dont belive Israel used the captured soldiers as a pretext to bomb lebanon. They could've used a better & more intelligible excuse. Their reaction is simply to deter any further soldier abductions, as it seems it was nearly turning into a trend, but their reaction was simply exaggerated.
5- The International community stood by Israel but not anymore.
After one too many mistakes by Israel, which seem to have tripped over its superior firepower, it is backfiring now & many westerners are outraged by their atrocities.
I dont think the Israelis will win this one, either militarily or politically.
The US is enjoying all this pazuzu, they are selling the Israelis weapons with one hand, & selling arabs too with the other hand, & it dont care if both sides kill one another.

shlemazl said...

True, it's all Americans. I think they are after the Lebanese oil.

jokerman said...

So shelmazl, you think oil is the only reason for war? how about Arms sales? or is it the boring War on Terror?

Pazuzu said...

well I have to mention that I am just posing things as I know them, I am not sure of the weapon selling thing, it is more than that I don't know, but you know America certainly has interests with Israel and they are doing their own good, I don't exactly blame them for that is normal.

And as for the soldiers, it was certainly necessary for them to do something about it, but I am Lebanese and in these particular situation I have the right for a little subjectivity