Thursday, June 29, 2006

I am facing huge problems posting this I hope it works

Ok, I'm back from Beirut again, and I am finally posting! I feel tempted to report my second visit to the Braderie du livre, but nothing particularly interesting took place, I also visited the mediatheque, the interesting detail is that I saw my college Professor there, the one I had previously mentioned a very long time ago. I also got a small book about catharism (and finished it), the only one I have ever found, it's a rather good book with many illustrations, but it's rather limited, its title is "Cathares Pauvres du Christ ou Apotres de Satan" for a certain Anne Brenon (archivist and paleographer) and she has a son named Georges lol.

I finished the Book about the Jews of France a few days ago, and I still retain the same opinion I had when I had only finished half it. And most of all I still believe that lucky to have found this source of knowledge, the CCF.

I just wanted to tell you all that I had forgotten to answer the comments to my blog last week, I saw them and read them all but thought I'd post my blogs first and then answer the comments, but then I forgot, I did remember that when I left the Net cafe but I wasn't going to spend another 2000 LL to come back and answer them.

As for this week's compilation, there's an entry that I had written at the middle of the week and I mentioned the agony of searching a job, as desperate as I had to last year, and then there is couple of small questions I'd want any reader to answer, and then finally there is an entry about the first visit to the braderie... Sort if an Erste bekanntshaft with such a concept. Lately I haven't written much about politics, it's part of my retrograde state of mind, I talk about Lebanon the most when I believe in it the most. Anyway... See you next week (this time I promise to post on monday iza alla rad.


Nomad said...

do you have an TV programm like "tout le monde en parle" or "on a tout essayé" ?

jokerman said...

it worked in the end.

Pazuzu said...

well nomad, I can't say for sure if we have Arabic versions of these programs but I might have watched once "tout le monde en parle" the title sound so awefully familiar lol, but why are you asking anyway?

thanks I noticed lol

Nomad said...

the woman who sold these programs was on TV last week and tell this report

they are going to stop them over here