Monday, July 31, 2006

The funny part

People always like to blame governments for whatever goes wrong in there life, and when they are living in such a surreal situation as in Southern Lebanon, minds become even more fucked up. The Shia in the south have this weird mix of Stockholm syndrome and paranoia. Repeatedly, I have seen people in the South shouting about how they support Hezbollah and Nasrallah is there father! But then when they are in the midst of this shit who do they demand to help them from starving? the government! The Lebanese government has been banned from entering to the South by the Hezbollah units, the Lebanese government has been paying since 2000 to rebuild the south, the money was paid to the Hezbollah and Amal via the Majles el-Junoob, and you can all guess that the Southern people received almost none of that money. But still, the people in the South are still demanding the government to assume its responsibility.

And at many occasions you would hear mothers shouting: “We sacrifice ourselves for Narallah (notice that they sacrifice for Nasrallah, not even for Lebanon, how ironic!) We’d sacrifice our own kids even before us”
As soon as kids die they go and blame Arabs, the UN, the Lebanese government but not Hezballah

I hate idiocy

Apparently Hezbollah does all the dignity stuff, and the Lebanese people must pay for it! Someone please slap them.


jokerman said...

Your posts on the war are very touching & immensely insightful.
It is pathetic when i see mothers speaking like that, sacrifice their children for someone, is it genuine or is it purely emotional bullshit?
Its absolutely disgusting that many arabs are praising hizbolah as a symbol of arab honour & national dignity.

they complain of western indifference toward arab casualties yet they can & express willingness to sacrifice thousands of their kids just for the sake of honour & dignity.
can someone tell them that armies dont go to war over these things

Pazuzu said...

Well before telling them anything we need to show them that the Lebanese government's the only reliable reference and that they don't need to put their trust in Hezbollah and other abusers.