Monday, July 31, 2006

Kidnaped v/s Prisoners

Unlike what some people might believe, there is no doubt about it, the two soldiers are Kidnaped.
They were on there own land, in Israel, when the operation took place. In order for them to be called Prisoners the operation had to take place IN LEBANON. There fore Hezbollah has no excuse to keep them and they knew this even before they even THOUGHT about starting such a hazardous act, but they never respected any sort of international, Lebanese or even human law. In adddition they are relying on the heavy ignorance and they don't really have much options.

Tell me there names

I don’t know there names! SO much has taken place about there kidnap and no one bothered to say there name. What a ruthless policy.

I believe in civilians and a civilian is a civilian it’s unfair that Hezbollah’s never blamed for killing Israeli civilians.

And this is another one of there ways to make Israelis look less human, they didn’t tell us there names. To ignore ones name is to deny him its humanity to pretend that he’s less than human, that he’s just an enemy!


shlemazl said...

1. Gilad Shalit (Hamas)
2. Eldad Regev (Hezbollah)
3. Ehud Goldwasser (Hezbollah)

They won't be forgotten until they or their bodies are released. My thoughts go out to those that loved and knew them.

There is no story that hurts more than that of Ron Arad's family. It is known that he has been tortured years ago, but noone knows where and when he died and where is his body.

Pazuzu said...

Well, that's what happens in war, and from knowledge I tell you the civil wat is by far the worse, I have lost a 17 y/o uncle in the civil war and I still see my mom crying when she mentions him no, after 30 years. This si why war is just no solution.

shlemazl said...

Yes, I agree that the civil war is the worst thing that can happen. I used to be friends with a very old man (now dead), who lived through the first and second world wars and the civil war in Russia. He said that the civil war was the worst.