Monday, January 12, 2009

A couple of words regarding photography

I am not a photographer, put aside my phone, I don't even have a camera (yet). But I am the proud daughter of an amateur photographer and I was always infatuated by the world of photography, or maybe should I say the graphic world. But it's difficult to corner what I perceive as a good image. My Pazuzian definition of anything beautiful is what ever can make me feel something strongly and come back for more. Eh, I know that a picture of vomit creates an intense feeling of disgust in me... But I don't come back for more :-/. So that is not pretty. Eh kamen I know that this means that pornographic pictures are beautiful... Um yes I think pornography is very beautiful, sorry.

But this is not the real question when it comes to comparing real photography to fake photography. If you ask graphic designers they will tell you that Graphic design is the most sublime form of graphic art, it goes beyond photography. if you ask photographer s/he will tell you that it's all about the experience and the authenticity of a picture, its fidelity to its subjects. Most people agree with the latter. You see photography exposés everywhere, not as much graphic art exposés... But still graphic designers will easily make a living (MOI, the ultimate biologist, had to learn photoshop to be good at my job... MOI, who knows the secret to how a muscle contracts!).
Sadly, both antagonists are hypocrites, most non-hypocrites adhere to the Pazuzian dogma and would tell you that the reason why graphic designer make a better living is that their material is more flexible to marketing needs and the reason photography is more prestigious is because it has the ancestry advantage, it has been there for much longer.
In fact the Pazuzian definition of beauty is much more simple and makes much more sense. It's always about that twist of things that make all the difference. A picture, a simple light print on a film can be powerful, check out Happy Emi. (Yes I know, flickr is annoying and restricting, I can't embed this picture).
This is called a universal cheat of the human affection:
  • Use a smiling baby picture and any human, who is not autistic for example, will feel the urge to smile
  • Get a crystal clear image, with all the details (including the soft baby hair)
  • Make sure to have a bright looking baby
  • Add a sparkle of exoticism (with those dark eyes over wight skin)

And you are certain to have a kickass picture. You don't need any tricks, or edits to bring this photo to life.

But then sometimes, using nothing but old fashion photography tricks can make all the difference. Like for example opening the aperture for a while before taking the picture and you will get this luminescent line:
In this picture it looks as if it is spinning insanely.

Or you can take it a step further, using filters... I personally love filters to help one element stand out or create an awesome feeling emanating from the picture:
Like this one: Just Chillin (again the amazing trick or the exotic baby picture)

But sometimes, Graphic art can be even more artistic than art itself. it can create this amazing world where nothing is real but everything is so captivating. A bit of science fiction, a lot of imagination and grain of every baby inside every one of us and you get this:
I want to be this winged lion too :(. I want to have that cool hat and those huge wings! I want that crazy car and that amazingly living sky... and balloons, oh the balloons... *sigh*
And who cares if this is all graphic constructed by some nerd who could have never seen the real colors of the sky, it spoke to my inner me.
It's beautiful by all Pazuzu standards.
* I have no idea what the original source of these two pictures is but I found them on the photography section of the Rockstar Template Blog.

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