Monday, July 31, 2006

Sad scenes

As any war, the more you know about it, the more sadness you discover, that's why it's much easier not to know anything about it. That's probably why the development of Media has correlated with a reduction of wars and violence.

The first thing that touched me was the scene our airport going to flame. It may sound lame, but we have built this Airport with our blood! Knowing that the planes had been smuggled was good news but still the losses in the Airport are depressing.

The second time I almost cried was when I saw people running away from the South, not the first few times, those were dignifying. But the humiliating part was when some civilian vehicles were shot and many families lost there members. After that the people that needed to leave started holding huge white tissue, most of the times they just hold there shirts as high as they could, and run there cars as fast as they could. They know that even this can't really help them because Hezbollah activists can also hold white stuff, and Israel doesn't really rely on that criteria.

The third thing that touched me was my little brother Georges. During these recent events he had his first taste of missile attacks. He was terrified even those they only lasted seconds. In addition, I had to explain to him the meaning of the word violence he had heard it on Euronews as I was watching. He has heard the word many times in the past in Arabic, but he never focuses, only when he's listening to something in French he's more curious. I tried to tell him that it's when people hurt each other, like hurt each others' bodies. But then he would ask me: Why would they do that? Don't they love Jesus?

Maybe I should have said "no, they don't love Jesus" but I was confused, I don't believe it's about Jesus, they are just... I don't know how to explain it, I just believe they are not evil, they might be stupid or angry or anything, but I don't believe in evil. So I just told my brother that they do this because they don't know what they are doing, isn't this what Jesus had said?

Then just yesterday my brother started explaining to me how evil Israel was, and that he's going to get a gun a kill Israel, and how God hates them. It's not a big deal for him, he often tells me that he's going to get a HUGE gun and shoot me, it's usually because he's physically pretty weak. But this indicates that he is assimilating the hate of the war. We had to tell him that we hate no one just as God certainly hates no one, my mom wanted to tell him that Israel's just defending itself, but we agreed that it'd be better to leave these details unsaid. War's absurd and no reasoning can make it less confusing, better for him to think that "all those who practice violence are wrong" and that "God won't ever hate anyone" and that "we only hurt ourselves when we try to kill others".

This is frustrating.


behind-the-scenes said...

This is touching and moving and understanable you but it would have been far better to let your mother say what she wanted to.

The more people dare to say this, the less chance there is of a party like Hezballah doing what it does.

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jokerman said...

It is good to know you are ok. Lets hope & pray that this idiocy doesn't last for long.

Pazuzu said...

Behind the scenes: that's what I believe too