Monday, July 31, 2006

The UNIFEL and the Qana massacre

At that time Israel attacked a UNIFEL refugee tent in south Lebanon killing more than a hundred person, mostly children, women and old people. The Lebanese people very sadly deplored this loss, but what we all knew (and suffered for being unable to shout about it) we knew that the reason why Israel shot that camp, Israel had shot them because Hezbollah was launching missiles just next to the tent, the purpose was clear.

And nowadays many people in the south are outraged because the UNIFEL is simply staying inside its posts refusing to make much movement. The main reason behind this abstention is the international neutrality in this conflict, unlike what many might be tempted to say, the UN can do something about this, but they don't really want to, not because they love Israel and certainly not because of the influential Jewish lobby, but simply because this is the easiest way out to destroy the Hezbollah threat.

But you know, people have this very innovative way to start irrational conspiracy theories, something's terribly wrong with the way people think.


jokerman said...

Many times israel's misfired targets were excusable & criticism was irrational BUT that UN post was deliberate & not by accident. An Irish officer in the UN had told the IDF more than 6 times warning them to stop firing at that post as it sheltered UN observers, this was no mistake by the Israelis.
If hizbolah was firing nearby that UN post, IDF have smart bombs & laser guided missiles that would easily find its intended target.
Qana in 1996 was exaggerated i think, but it seems this time they botched it up & their excuses were simply pathetic, I dont belive Hizbolah fired from the building housing kids, that is something i belive Hamas would do,not defending hizbolah either, as they sparked all this anyway, but it is simply another proof that israel is lashing out indiscriminately.

Pazuzu said...

well Jokerman, I have heard many rumours, some are saying that Hezbollah has fired from the roof of the building, or between them, and some are saying that there was a certain mistake, some are saying that the Hezbollah members were hiding with the people in the building and the army was unaware of the presence of civilians

I have no exact information, either cases they are all responsible and none has any excuse