Monday, July 31, 2006

The Arab position

  1. The Arab official position is really hilarious.

    In the UN's public assembly, Syria objected because it was not allowed to participate. Apparently for some weird reason Syria considers that she is very concerned with the situation, same as Lebanon and Israel; but at the same time Syria denies any involvement in the Hezbollah situation! Oh let me guess... They are concerned about there minor, cute, rebellious little brother Lebanon... Bite me!!

    Egypt is playing the DRAMA... Oh... Mr. Mousa is deploring the peace process... Oh the region's going to war... Run for the hills, hide the children, kill the women before they are raped! And of course they are blaming Hezbollah, like DUH! you didn't expect the Moubarak government to think for themselves did you? They just need to wait for a fax.

    It's Hezbollah's fault, and they should solve it themselves, the whole issue is just the result of an overreaction. WE (meaning the Saudian people) have a very wide country and we had a lot of border issues, why is this taking so much weight in Lebanon? He's right, seriously, I wonder when did these over weighted idiots grow a brain?

    very similar to the KSA situation, but not with the same enthusiasm.

    Others have very little to say, or at least they say alot, but have no importance (sorry, no offense). I have heard that Algeria supports Hezbollah (how helpful) and also Oman I think. Others are generally at the Lebanese side meaning that they say they want the bombs to stop but they also blame Hezbollah.

  2. The Public opinion is a different, but far more predictable. The Arab and Muslim world in general are supporting Hezbollah, and they feel very happy to see Israel vulnerable. We have seen in Syria demonstrations in that direction, but they were organised by the Bashar rule, but the Syrians have a genuine hate for Israel and Jews, but then again, they would never risk there own security in danger, no it's for us to get fucked!

    I have also seen on TV some of the Egyptian support, talking about how we make them proud, how they totally support Hezbollah and all. I wonder if they have any idea of the destruction in Lebanon, I wonder if the Egyptians will resurect the dead, if they would even bother to know what WE think of Hezbollah? No not really, with all respect to all Egyptians, they are all talking about how we are fighting Israel, and at the same time they accept to sign peace with Israel. But then again, Egyptians don't really know about it, and they don't really care.

    What pains me is that people are giving so much importance to what Arabs think or feel about it, we are dying here, and we are not even Arabs! I am mad, yes, I am mad because Lebanon did not want this fucking war.


jokerman said...

One of the main stumbling blocks is the idea that arabs, from Mauritania to Oman are one people. They all must show a stance & say something. Saudi Arabia is more concerned about the growing shiite influence in the region, but why do you care about what they are saying anyway?

persona_non_grata said...

So you are calling us overweight idiots….the only people who built your country in the first place are the Saudi. Where do you think your former assassinated PM got all his money from. Your fucking women come to Jeddah, and Riyadh, and work as high paid prostitute, you fucking bitch,the Saudi are always there to bail you out you ungrateful bastard.

Pazuzu said...

I suppose that I can't really talk about it, I don't believe in the Arab Unity that's a myth, I believe in neighboring countries that may agree or disagree on interests, but not a unity thing

Easy man, it is not a gratitude thing, I know exactly the Saudi interests and favors, and I am not ingrateful. And if anyone has the right to be angry I suppose it would be me. We as Lebanese admire the Saudi position. But easy man, you sound as if you're going to have a heart attack