Monday, July 31, 2006

Two attackers one victim

When situation quickly deteriorated, and instant and urgent meeting was organised for the government. As a result, and not surprisingly, the government didn't publicly attack or denounce Hezbollah even though the Hezbollah ministers were absent, instead the Lebanese government declared that Hezbollah's act was never approved by the government of Lebanon and that Lebanon does not adopt this operation there fore it can't be held responsible for it.

The Israeli response was: "Well, if the government of Lebanon is not responsible about what happens in Lebanon then who is?"....Good Question! Because we are in theory a sovereign country.

But then again, the Lebanese army is still avoiding the direct confrontation with Israel. I know that the Lebanese army is not half as powerful as the Israeli one and not as terrorist as Hezbollah. But the official Lebanese politicians' position gave Israel a lot of credit, because it bluntly showed that we, the Lebanese people, are NOT supporting Hezbollah, thus weakening Hezbollah pretext of defending Lebanon.

So if you look from this angle you'd see that Hezbollah is hiding behind the Lebanese population that the Israelis are bombarding... Three parts in which only one will win, Israel might win, Hezbollah might win, but the Lebanese people have and will certainly lose.

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