Monday, July 31, 2006

Who's going to rebuild?

The economic losses are horrific! This war has practically destroyed everything (except for the electricity infrastructure) we have built during the last 17 years, just a reminder, The Solidere project (the reconstruction project) has caused a 40 billion $ depts on the Lebanese government. Who's going to pay for this? One thing is certain; no one is willing to pay.

Hezbollah can't even be held responsible for this, they have in fact no money, no explicit organisation no nothing. If they lose this war, they will simply go home to Iran. I doubt that the UN is capable to force Iran to pay, not even America can do so.

Israel doesn't really seem concerned what ever damages would result from this. Why should they? Lebanon's unable to hold them responsible and the UN probably won't even try. In fact when Fou'ad Siniora said for the first time that the Lebanese government is going to hold Israel responsible for the economic damage, we heard talks about the UN might even pay for the reconstruction itself, in other terms, especially not Israel!

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