Monday, July 31, 2006

Qana as always

Again today Qana was assaulted, another grave yards. This morning the Israeli army shot a residence home in Qana killing around 60 people from two families, more than half were children, others were mostly women, and probably a few elderly. I am not even sure if they have found any adult male yet. I don't know about you all, but I am sick of justifying things for everyone. I am sick of blaming anyone about anything. But what are my choices, I am Lebanese and the dead people were Lebanese... Not just that! They were all human beings and so am I. I refuse to justify this for neither Hezbollah or Israel, they chose this war and they knew this will happen, and they chose to do it too. I don't exactly know what I should or can do, I am in fact doing nothing about anything as usual, but this has to end somehow, I don't care. Just yesterday I was still convinced that the biggest damage is behind us that they already destroyed Lebanon, they better continue and destroy Hezbollah that would be the only possible Lebanese victory. Now I don't want to win this war anymore I just want it to end. JUST STOP.

I don't know, but if Israel wants us to put pressure on Hezbollah then it isn't working. As an average (I am not exactly average, I tend to sympathize with Israel) I don't really see putting pressure on Hezbollah a priority anymore. I don't even care if Hezbollah was shooting rockets from that place or if Hezbollah activists were hiding among civilians, I simply don't care anymore. And besides it was unlikely that the Israeli claims would be exact.

Apparently the building was in a crouded residential area, buildings were packed so close to one another that it's now impossible for the UN to enter there buldozers to help take the victims out, it is unlikely that Hezbollah was able to position his missile launchers there. In addition the attack aimed at the first floor where people were sleeping... What were they shooting?

The Lebanese officials have refused to receive Mrs Rice until a cease fire takes place, in fact they told the American officials that they cannot receive Mrs Rice, which is more accurate because turmoil would have erupted in that case, and besides she has nothing new to say.

Hezbollah has promised to strike back... Bla whatever!

American officials are FINALLY talking about the necessity of a cease fire... No kidding!

Europe seems even more upset: thanks, that's very helpful, I'll go right now tell the dead people that they can now be proud of themselves they made the Europeans upset

Israel says it won't stop its attacks, it will not declare a truss it will simply allow humanitarian aid to reach the area: I guess we should be very grateful to them, not only they allowed humanitarian aid but they have already killed 60 people the rest fled in panic now there is no one to aid.

The Arab world stands in shock: Wow now they get to see so much dismembered kids! so much better than any American thriller and it's 100% Arabic. Hey you know what? they can also have awesome sound effects, because the Israeli army's still flying over the rescuers' heads. Arabic drama at its best.

Protestors are attacking the Unesco building in Beirut... As if the Blue hats haven't been aimed so far. Always blame it on the Western invaders. You'd never see them questioning Nasrallah for his atrocities, no... He's there savior. He feeds them with the food that the government send them, he avenges there death with the weapons that he also uses to terrorise Lebanese, including Southern people... Indeed, he's very inspiring.


jokerman said...

Qana Was terrible, i dont belive the excuse that hizbolah fired from there, the IDF mustve been bombing randomly & one happened to demolish a shelter full of kids.

Pazuzu, Europe is indecisive, Blair's stance is absolutely despicable, but since when was it ever decent? I hope the aftermath of all this does not outweigh the human losses.

Pazuzu said...

well you know war is dirty and each has his interests to protect. If war didn't kill children then maybe no one would have cared to start talking politics