Monday, July 31, 2006

The Lebanese general opinion: We did not want this fucking war

I feel tempted to repeat to all of you just how angry I am, but that would be useless. But our feeling today is the same feeling we had when we started to understand the civil war better. In fact the whole Lebanese history is just one long act of rape, we were never wariors, we never wanted trouble, we have always built Byblos, Tyr and Beirut... We have always built and rebuilt them cities of life. You might think that I am being too artistic and emotional, but for Christ sake! how many times do we have to die for conflicts that we never want? How many cosmopolitan, liberated cities must we build only to see them all turn to ashes? and what for? Why can't we just live in peace? Are we so delicious that none can keep there hands away from us? I can't remember ONE SINGLE WAR that we started on our land? I am not pretending we are innocent from all violence, we assume full responsibility for our acts, but we are just too tired. We the Lebanese have done everything, at least in the last few years, to bring a peaceful change, didn't we all walk peacefully to the Martyr Square to demand the retreat of the Syrian troops? Didn't we plan to disarm Hezbollah? Damn it! why is nothing we ever do enough?

Which Arab or non Arab country was able to digest as many problems as we did in the past 2 years? NONE! Countries that are far more politically and economically stable have failed to make the changes that we did in Lebanon and certainly none as peacefully as we did...

Next time anyone wants to blame the Lebanese part for failing to disarm Hezbollah, please remember this fact: if you were in our shoes you would have failed.

Watch the situation today, Israel's whining about how Hezbollah uses civilians as human shields, which is true. But Israel's also insisting that they knew this behavior that Hezbollah has always adopted. There fore the Israelis knew this was going to happen, they knew that they will have to choose between receiving missiles or killing civilians, and more precisely they knew that when that will happen they will choose to shoot the civilians. They knew they will kill civilians and yet they chose to make this move.

When we were faced with the Hezbollah and the Palestinian Dilemma, we refused to simply point our guns in the face of Hezbollah because we knew this will happen, we knew the mentality of the radicalised people of the South, we knew that this long period of forced ignorance and the constant danger on there lives has messed with there minds. But unlike the Israeli we refused to risk civilian lives, we had chosen to go through the long, and more or less humiliating, process of negotiating with Hezbollah. Many criticize us for this choice, but I wonder if what Israel's option turned out to be better?

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