Monday, July 31, 2006

What the Lebanese are responsible of

A lot of people are blaming the Lebanese people for there impotence in the Hezbollah issue. They blame us because during the last year we had an international support and that the 1559 is very clear on this point and said that only the Lebanese army is to own weapons on the Lebanese soil. There fore we can't use this to push back Syria and then let Hezbollah and the Palestinians keep there guns.

But everybody's forgetting a minor detail: The Lebanese people are the ones that suffer the most of both Hezbollah AND the Palestinians.

Everybody's talking about how WE didn't do anything about Hezbollah, but then again you are forgetting that you never gave us the chance to. Of course I am aware of the the fear that Israel has from Hezbollah, but then again these terrorists are living among us, and like it or not they are very much Lebanese too. There is something that needs to be cleared out: Lebanon's a sectarian country.

Ideologically we are very divided, if the Lebanese population's 4,2 million then you could say that we have 4,2 million different Lebanons. In Lebanon you could say that almost 70% (N.B.: the numbers are not the result of any research just my personal estimation) of the Lebanese population was totally against Hezbollah's act and even consider it inappropriate, barbaric, stupid, immoral. 10% are probably neutral about the kidnap but not still sympathise with the Moujahideen concept. And only 20% sympathise with the resistance action (but you can't say that these 20% all support this kidnap). But those 20% represent more than half of the Shia there fore any action against Hezbollah is considered an action against more than half the Shia, thus an attack against the Shia themselves, which is unacceptable and will very easily lead to a civil war. Some Lebanese hate Hezbollah (I don't exactly hate them, but that's just because I believe hating someone or something is an indication that I feel helpless and extremely bitter about them, I like to believe that I am powerful enough to hold back Hezbollah and so don't need to hate them), almost no one was with Hezbollah's action. But punishing Hezbollah is another issue.

This is the perspective in which the disarmament of Hezbollah must be calculated. And if no one supported Hezbollah in there action, who believes that disarming Hezbollah is an urgent necessity? I am afraid that few people believe so. The Sunna don't seem to be very eager to disarm them, except for the Beirut Dolce Vita fraction that form the cosmopolitan spirit of Beirut. The Druze are as always evasive, they want Hezbollah weaker as they need everyone to be weak enough to cover up for there minority status. The Christians in general are as always divided, even though Aoun declared from the first day that he supports the government in all its actions, there fore separated himself from Hezbollah, but then that was just an appearance they still rely on there shiite ally, and the Aounists today are sympathising and insisting on blaming Israel for the escalation. My Aounist friend even said to me the other day that she hates Israelis, that she despises them, that there political tactics are very low and inhuman. Which was a surprise for me, since she is from Jezzine, a Maronite town from the South that suffered a lot from the Hezbollah hegemony in the South. I didn't think she'd simply forget that and blame it all on Israel, I suppose Israel was never an angel in the South either. But then she said that she doesn't hate Hezbollah and that there presence doesn't bother her that much, as long as they are disarmed. She's right about the disarmament part but it's so sad to see the hate Israel philosophy in the Christian parts of Lebanon. But not all Christians are like that. In my family there's a sense of amusement at the thought of disarming Hezbollah. My dad for example is so enthusiastic in defending Israel, he justifies each and every missile they shoot even when civilians die.

But regardless of there position Maronites are in a vulnerable situation in here. They were Israel's ally (at that time The LF represented the vast majority of the Maronite population, the LFPM didn't even exist), and after losing the war, there ally (Israel) became the Lebanese enemy. And since Israel is still officially our enemy any act of sympathy with the Israelis is an act of treason, Maronites are still the one who once cooperated with the enemy and once a thief always a thief. And many have noticed that Geagea (the LF leader) is criticising Hezbollah only in a diplomatic way.

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