About me

I'm a fan of the Arabic language(s) (though most of this blog is in english), social media, and human rights. I love to see, understand and share, I also love my classist, tri-lingual, post colonial, war-torn, xenophobic, schizophrenic piece of heaven called Lebanon which I also hates. I spend my free time experimenting with communication tools, falling for one female writer after the other, fighting all forms of discrimination and reclaiming my Arabic language, one word at a time.

If you have been following my online presence for a while and you're wondering: Yes, I am a genderqueer person. And yes, I live in Beirut, Lebanon. And yes, I was born and raised in Lebanon through war, poverty, sectarianism and corruption.

I have kept this blog since December 2005, that's like 20% of my life. It is by all means a valuable spot for me. And though most of my political opinions have changes since the first post, I refuse to remove those older posts, draft them, or even abandon this blog, due to the conviction that everything I have thought, written and done got me a step closer to the person I am today.

Since the start of the blog, I have removed one post only and almost never edited any page. I strongly believe that whatever I wrote here expresses what I genuinely felt at the moment of the post, so it would not be fair to myself to delete or deny any of that. So if, upon reading an old post you get a feeling that what I wrote is not consistent with the person you now e-know, don't worry, sometimes even I find it hard to recognize the person I was yesterday, let alone 5 years ago.

If you are still interested in what I have to say, feel free to check my Online Presence page.