Monday, August 07, 2006

Just another bloody week, But we still refuse to die

Nothing much has happened during the last week, things have become pretty stagnant.
We are all sick of this stupid war. I have started writing entries strictly about me, but somehow they seem to be out of context right now so I'll keep them for some other time, hope to write to you next time about how the war has ended!

Observations about the Television coverage:
Songs:the change
Attacking the UNESCO
Israelis are not monsters you know.
I have a dream
Mysterious Hospital abduction
Lahood, Our President: Only one half
Hugo Chavez: The greatest Arab Leader
What Victory
The country with the red underwear
The Southern Stockholm Syndrome
Qana, The aftermath

Jokerman: I have read your comment, I will try to make a briefing about the different Parties in Lebanon, hopefully next week if I can finish it all by then.

btw has anyone noticed that none of the links that I made last time worked? I am not sure why. I'll try to fix it, this has always worked in the past.


shlemazl said...
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shlemazl said...


Big Pharao has a summary of the Lebanese parties:

Does it sound right to you?

Thanks for all the posts.

jokerman said...

they didnt work but one managed to read most of your blogs & i commented when i had the time. I saw that Israelis bombed the north of beirut & Jounieh was mentioned. wasnt as bad as the south but still its an alarming incident.
take care then.

Pazuzu said...

Yes Shlemazl, it's very brief and accurate