Monday, August 07, 2006

What victory?!

Everyone’s shouting about the Victory of Hezbollah. How this cute small, defenceless group of good warriors have resisted the powerful technology of the West. How the Israeli army is feeling confused, puzzled, helpless in front of the unexpected resistance of the Mookawame.

I ask you all: What have Hezbollah really achieved? Name me one achievement.

Let’s make a quick round up:

  • You say:
    The Israelis have failed to paralyse Hezbollah as they had promised they would.

    Think again:
    Apparently Hezbollah has been arming itself over the last 6 years, they obviously have been receiving lots of money that they have spent completely on weapons. Just today Mr. Jannatee was calling, in a Pro-Hezbollah demonstration in Iran, he was calling for his government to help Hezbollah, as it was always the case, in its struggle against Israel.
    Just a stupid question: What did Hezbollah do in order to protect the civilians, since money was available and war was so inevitable?
    A very stupid answer: Nothing. Civilian vulnerability’s their strongest weapon after all.

  • You say:
    Israelis are not used to war they have lost their resistance to the stress of war. That they will turn against their government when attacks will reach their cities.

    Think again:
    It’s been almost 5 weeks, and Israelis are more and more convinced, Hezbollah must be destroyed.

  • You say:
    Hezbollah has united all Muslims. Just today this guy on LBC was talking about the interesting significance of unity across the Arab World, how Nasrallah’s pictures were carried in Azhar Egypt. How the Shiia and the Sunna are finally united thanks to Mr. Nasrallah.

    Think again:
    Last time I checked, it was Lebanon under fire, it was to be decided inside Lebanon whether to enter war or not. In Lebanon we are united in refusing Hezbollah’s actions. Time will tell you this about the Lebanese people: We have sadly learned not to turn against each other, if you want what’s best for your home and your country. Today we stand with Hezbollah (more or less) because we are under attack, tomorrow fire will cease and as many have said “each will be held responsible for his actions”. Nasrallah has driven Lebanon to a war that we did not want and that he had promise not to drive us into, Beirut won’t forget that.

  • You say:
    Nasrallah has been very loyal to his word and that he is now taken very seriously.

    Think again:
    Nasrallah said he will do nothing on the Israeli front right now, in order to protect the prosper Summer that awaited us, and because the defence strategy was being discussed in the National dialogue, and it was not agreed on…He sure kept his word.

  • You say:
    Hezbollah’s fighting for Lebanon, and Hezbollah’s victory is Lebanon’s victory.

    Think again:
    Wouldn’t that mean that Lebanon’s losses are his losses? Aren’t those Qana children the children that Hezbollah has failed to protect? Aren’t the economic losses Hezbollah’s losses? Weigh the losses on each side, if Hezbollah’s as integrated to Lebanon as it claims to be:

    [Lebanon+Hezbollah] losses >>>> [Israel] losses

  • You say:
    Hezbollah’s human casualties are minimal if compared to the Israeli ones

    Think again:
    1- That’s total lies, Hezbollah has suffered severe losses that he refuses to admit. And even Saddam Hussein kept on insisting that he was winning the war even when the American forces were at the gates of Baghdad.
    2- All Hezbollah militants are civilians, Hezbollah has no official records of his units as any respectful or serious army would. Hezbollah’s just a bunch of civilians that are trained and armed like soldiers. Power in the hand of fools!


shlemazl said...

Nobody has won, but this isn't over yet. Lebanon has lost, but it really lost when it allowed Nasrallah to rule.

You say that after the war “each will be held responsible for his actions”. Do I understand you correctly? I have REAL trouble believing that the Lebanese army or politicians will ever take on Hezbollah.

Pazuzu said...

shlemazl, we never allowed anyone anything, we couldn't choose our own parliament

No one will take on hezbollah. It's just not the way our politic works