Monday, August 07, 2006

The Mysterious Hospital Abduction:

You have certainly heard about the major commandos operation that the Israelis have done on a hospital in the Bekaa. The Israelis actually entered the heart of the Bekaa, entered a hospital abducted 4 individuals and then left.

N.B.: While they were there they used the Hospital equipment to treat their injured soldiers. Must be the famous Jewish sense of humour. Really funny!

Now Israel certainly said that it has captured preponderant Hezbollah members, and Hezbollah has certainly denied… Well you know Hezbollah, first they deny any incursion, then they admit it but insist that they manage to stand against them and send them back home in coffins, then they admitted that they manage to abduct some civilians but Hezbollah quickly turned the tables and managed to inflict maximum damage to the invading forces and that they killed and injured many. This is so déjà vu!

Now the TV reporters have certainly ran to the region to inspect closer. Here are a few observations:

  • One of the abducted people was named Hasan Nasrallah (but the father’s name was different) and all the others’ last name was also Nasrallah. Which indicates that the Israelis might have been aiming to abduct THE Nasrallah. But judging from my knowledge of the Lebanese society and political style, I think that the Israelis wanted to abduct these people because they are relatives of Mr. Nasrallah, I don’t think that Nasrallah’s still in Lebanon and I don’t think the Israelis would look for him in Lebanon. But it is very plausible that these people might be from Nasrallah’s family since the Lebanese political cast relies a lot on family bonds and one would always trust his family more than anyone else. If that would be true than the Israelis might find it useful to abduct them and interrogate them about his whereabouts. I mean, if they believed he was there wouldn’t they just eradicate the whole hospital and make sure he perishes in there, instead of taking there chances with a commandos that would jeopardise the lives of many elite units?

  • They interviewed the wife of one of the abducted people. She confirmed the fact that the four men were relatives, cousins and stuff, and she talked about how civilian they are, she said that they all worked in the building industry, that they were poor peaceful people. And even though working in the building industry can earn you a decent living in normal times, it does not in Lebanon, because of the deteriorated economic situation since the civil war and most importantly because of the amount of Syrian illegal workers in Lebanon who pose fierce competition. These jobs in Lebanon are hardly enough to put bread on the tables. However we saw the house in the background on TV, and it wasn’t much, but what we saw was rather unusual for the average, poor individual in the Bekaa. And as we all know ALL Hezbollah activists have a civilian cover, none of them is officially a Hezbollah soldier.

  • TV reporters were not allowed to shoot anywhere near the Hospital in question. They say that the abducted men were poor civilians that were injured during the Israeli attacks. But at the start of this war, there were a lot of coverage of the Hospitals under pressure, they talked about the how hospitals are running out medication, how they are receiving way too much people etc. And they talked or mentioned almost every hospital concerned, especially those in the front lines, such as in Tyre, Beirut and Zahle (Bekaa). There was no mention what so ever of this particular hospital. I don’t know about you people, but I think such a small hospital would be the first to suffer from increased number of injured, don’t you think? Unless it is not for civilian use and there fore it is well equipped with supplies and must always keep a low profile.

    I don’t know


shlemazl said...

The hospital was used as local headquarters of Hezbollah in their heartland. Israelis were not looking for the Nasrallah. They got lots of useful documents and captured Hezbollah members, including one involved in the abduction of the two soldiers. If there were no Hezbollah in the area than who was shooting at the Israelis? Patients?

Pazuzu said...

yeah it was those hot nurses in mini skirts, you could be shocked how powerful they can be ;)