Monday, August 07, 2006

Attacking the UNESCO:

After the Qana massacre, a riot took place in front of the UNESCO building in Beirut. I suppose you have all heard about it, it’s a very famous example of Lebanese stupidity!

Why would they attack the UNESCO?

Because they blame the UN for the hostility since it didn’t go and erase Israel from the map.

Why didn’t they attack the American embassy in Lebanon, since they consider America to be Israel’s powerful puppet?

Because they are cowards and they only know how to bite the hand that feeds them.

It comes down to the famous surreal misconception that Arabs suffer from. Bitterly funny! But Lebanese people are talking so much about the incapacity of the UN, how the famous Veto right cripples the UN. And I do agree that the Veto right is really unfair, but it has certain practical necessities, I am not convinced with these necessities, but nothing’s perfect right?

But even with the Veto right, the UN is not crippled. The UN is not a Big government that rules the world as most people around here think. The UN is just the table that unites the different countries and puts them in front of their responsibility to try and justify their actions. The UN is not crippled, if it was so crippled and useless then why do we still refer to it? If the UN is the hostage of the American imperial policy then why didn’t the UN give the American occupation of Iraq the international cover that it craved for? If the UN was so weak in front of the American will, then why are the Americans the ones to shout the most about the uselessness of the UN?

The problem with the way the UN is simply the fact that it plays the role of reference, it plays the role of a judge. And when two people are fighting and someone comes and tells each part where it is mistaking they get upset, they don’t want to hear it. They want the UN to stand by their side and tell them how right they are. No one wants to be told that he’s wrong.

Unfortunately for Arabs, they are wrong. They have sunk so deep into ignorance and blind hatred that they are unable to see their irrational behaviour. They don’t understand how the whole world sympathises with Israelis, because in our own minds Israelis deserve nothing but to be killed.

But you know what’s even worse? Arabs are ungrateful.

Blinded by their hatred to Israel they forget all that the UN is doing for them. How dare they attack the UNESCO? Who has always provided the so severely needed oasis for all the extremely poor population of the Lebanese suburbs? Who provided shelters to the Southern people when Israel was striking the South in 1996? Why on earth are the international forces of the Unifil so interested in staying in Lebanon to suffer from Israeli AND Hezbollah attacks?

Really you are being ungrateful.

But that’s not just that. They attacked the UNESCO because they couldn’t attack the well-protected embassy of the United States. That was so cowardly. They attacked the peaceful headquarter of the UNESCO where unarmed employees had to hide in the basement from those monsters, they broke everything they were able to put there hands on, simply because they could.

And they ask us why the whole world has lost its sympathy for our causes?


shlemazl said...

There is a lot of sympathy for the Lebanese across the world, including Israel. We know there are different people in Lebanon.

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Jos said...

I was outraged by the way these people acted too! If we didn't have such ignorants among us, maybe our country would be in a much much better situation now.

Pazuzu said...


Well stupidity has no limits

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