Monday, August 07, 2006

The country with the Red Underwear: Enough already!

N.B.: In Lebanon taxis and cabs have red license plates.

Here’s a silly joke:

Why does a prostitute wear red undies?

Because she’s public property

Laugh here

It seems to me sometimes that my country actually has red underwear or something. Because it seems that everyone seems to have rights and privileges around here, except for the Lebanese people, we are just the obedient mules.

I remember when we walked to the Martyr square last year we actually wanted to change that, and destiny seemed to be smiling at us! And in fact a lot has been achieved so far. And then this stupid war breaks out and we go back to our good old habits!

Watch the Lebanese panorama:

  • Watch the Americans and French struggling to reach an agreement, France seemed to be representing Lebanon, and America Israel… Only the representation wasn’t viable in Lebanon but who cares anyway, who asked about what Lebanon wants anyway?

  • Mr. Maallem has visited us: Oh!! His majesty is here… Quick where are the red carpets. Let the church bells ring. Oh I am so moved of this historical visit, I am crying…

    Naah. This is the cute dude that we have just finished firing last year. This is the famous Syrian regime that we accuse of so many less than pure actions. And guess what! He is here to refuse the American-French preposition, and help develop a united Arab opinion about this and kick the Israelis out of their dear, beloved Golan Lebanon.

    I am usually a very pacifist individual but I find it hard to refrain my subconscious wishes to see him suffocate on one of those barazi’.

  • And guess who’s the other dude that has come to Lebanon to refuse the American-French preposition?

    I’ll give you a couple of hints; he’s not right now in Beirut, because he’s not an Arab AND he didn’t even accept the 7points preposition that even Hezbollah didn’t dare to refuse.

    Yes you’ve guessed it right. It’s the Iranian representative. Yes, Iran also considers that it has rights in Lebanon and it even dares to refuse what WE have agreed on. Now I think he went way too far! And that’s what Mr. Sanioora thinks also, he clearly stated that the Iranian part has went too far. But as you know, even Hezbollah didn’t consult this government before kidnapping these soldiers, why should the Iranian Emperors consults us Lebanese mules?

  • Oh… And that’s not weirdest part of it all! You should see how the Arab people feels so concerned in this war! I mean last time I checked it was just the Lebanese people that are being killed, and even though many have showed very admirable support, some are really being annoying. As a Lebanese I don’t understand how can these Arab people demonstrate in support of Hezbollah, some of them don’t even talk about supporting Lebanon! Sometimes I wonder if they don’t even love Hezbollah more than the Lebanese love it, and even worse, they apparently love Hezbollah more than they love Lebanon.

    I am sorry people, but we don’t need this. Take Egypt for example, I was, and still am, surprised to see the fervor of their support to Hezbollah when they have signed a peace treaty with Israel. Seriously people, if you have a problem with Israelis solve it yourself. And let’s not start talking about the Syrian demonstration! And you know what’s funny? In the Syrian demonstrations, all the flags are of one size and they seem to be freshly unfolded, it reminds me of the demonstrations in support of their president after their withdrawal from Lebanon… I like well-organized demonstrations, but this is too much! And must I talk about the Iranian demonstrations? I think they were two steps away from shouting: Nasrallah for presidency! I didn’t even see any support for Lebanon.

Seriously people, if YOU have a problem with Israel go solve it yourself. If you want to support us, then try thinking about what WE say, think and do. WE have declared our position and we have a government. Hezbollah is not Lebanon and Nasrallah does not represent us. He doesn’t even have our support. I know that no one will take our independence seriously until we choose to become independent. But what choices do I have?

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