Monday, August 07, 2006

Lahood, Our President: نص كم,نص لسان,نص عقل

We have a serious problem political performance in Lebanon, not only our political figures are closer to monarchs than they are to respectful politicians, not only some of our politicians seem to have serious nervous problems reaching the level of bipolar disorders and occasional hysteria.

As if all that wasn’t enough, many politicians in Lebanon have a lisping problem, Nasrallah can’t pronounce well the “R”, Nayla Mouawad’s cute little son and future family politician: same and the ever famous President Lahood lisps too… Awww!

But you know Nasrallah has his weapons to conceal his lisping problems, and baby Mouawad doesn’t talk much anyway… But Lahood?! He’s like a radio. I think it has something to do with the events of last year, where no one was ever meeting with him, except for some scout boys and so. So he’s compensating. He’s talking and talking all the time, and never saying anything I am afraid. Some of his interlocutors were ok, he has talked to AL-Jazeera and the Rai network… But most of he time he talks to TV stations that are practically unknown. Just as long as he keeps on talking. Samir Geagea was asked, when interview by Al-Jazeera, about the president’s declarations. He smiled and then said: Well we all know what does the president represent, nothing. No Lebanese considers that Lahood represents him, and he is just staying because he is taking advantage of the situation of indecision concerning his post. He can say whatever he wants wherever he wants it would mean nothing.

So next time you hear him talking try not to let his words bother you much, and enjoy his very obvious lisp… It’s really funny; we spend hours laughing about it after each declaration.


shlemazl said...

Sabras have real problem with "r". Makes me wonder what they are on about when they keep saying "tewoowist".

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Jos said...

I don't even listen to him, or watch him. When he is on TV, I directly change the channel.

Pazuzu said...

LoL I still think of sabra and shatila when you say sabra lol, but now I know what it really means

I am hypnotised with his lisp...