Monday, August 07, 2006

Observations about the Television coverage:

LBC gain of importance

In every war there are all sorts of Television loyalties. Political fanatics like Hezbollah always have privileged TV stations. In the war against the Taliban it was Al-Jazeera. And in this war Hezbollah has Al-Manar.

Usual these privileged Stations become references, since they are usually the only ones allowed to enter the guerrillas’ area. But that doesn’t seem to be the situation right now. I have noticed that both CNN and the Euronews for example, usually refer to the LBC (Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation) for videos and pictures. Which is interesting for two reasons mainly; first of all LBC is not a news Television like Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabia, AL-horra or CNN and Euronews. In addition LBC in theory is not Hezbollah’s best friend, they are in fact in certain ways its most fierce enemies, I don’t know if you remember it but awhile back a TV program on LBC made Hezbollah so angry that they walked in riots in Beirut.

This indicates the delicate situation that Hezbollah is in, they are desperate to have all the attention they can get, and they are desperate for Christian support (LBC is Pro-Christian) that they are willing to let almost anyone in their territory. They are no longer in a strong position.

I like this change.

CNN gap

If you watch the CNN from time to time, particularly the little News bar in the bottom, you would read the number of Lebanese victims you would always notice a 200-300 difference between their numbers and the numbers declared by the Lebanese Prime Minister and the other television sources.

This could be related to the Israeli confirmation that Hezbollah has already lost more than 300 units.



shlemazl said...

I think the estimates of Lebanese Government include people who may have been burried under the rubble. This is a very conservative estimate. The truth is likely to be somewhere in between, but much closer to CNN numbers. The Qana example and today's reduction in the number of victims from 26 to 1 indicates that the Lebanese Government is overestimating. Thus the true number as of today is somewhere between 515 and 879 dead Lebanese civilians; more likely the former than the latter. Some of them may be Hezbollah.

The estimates of Hezbollah casualties also vary from 55 to 490. The latter is the Israeli claim and is likely to be an overestimate.

shlemazl said...

Also, I noticed that this weekend for the first time the Israeli army has CNN reporters imbedded with it's active units. There has been a definite postitive change in the way CNN reports from the Israeli point of view.

Jos said...

The reduction of *Houla* victims, not Qana, from 40 to 1 [if you were referring to what the PM said, and then corrected it], because the people buried under the rubbles stayed miraculously alive.

shlemazl said...


I referred to both Houla and Qana. In Qana the number of victims was reduced from "more than 60" to 57 people including 37 children to the final number of 28 people including 18 children.

There is enough evidence to assume that the Lebanese Government overestimates the number of victims.

Pazuzu said...

everybody over estimates everything, even the Israelis do so