Monday, August 07, 2006

Israelis are not monsters you know…

Aren’t the Israelis civilians too?

You know when we receive reports about a wave of rockets raining in the Israelis sky, and we hear about the victims there, we tend to interpret that as a victory. Oh yes another victory for the powerful Hezbollah. But you know, most of those are civilians! Why doesn’t anyone talk about this? Why is it that no Arabic Television sympathises with the Israeli civilians? Think about it for one second please.

When we talk about the Israeli destruction machine, we talk about civilians, we talk about Geneva agreements, about the Israelis deliberate disregard of these agreements. And we go everywhere around the world posting pictures of children and civilians dying from OUR side.

And then we kill their civilians and it’s a victory? PLEASE! That’s shameful, outrageous and unacceptable. Arabs, grow a brain, set ideals and respect them. Yes this is a war and you want to declare war on Israel but don’t demand others to provide what you refuse others. It is every army’s duty to put its civilians out of danger, and it is every army’s duty to avoid the enemy civilians. That’s what we Arabs are demanding, and when you demand something you are committed by your own words to keep your part of the deal.

Enough already, enough with this victimisation of Arabs, we are not always the victims, we are not always the weak part, we have responsibilities. And we ought to respect them.

The problem with us Arabs is that we always think of Israelis as villains and devils, we don’t respect their humanity, and we use them as the easiest pretext for all our pain. We want to blame them for everything. One of those days you’ll hear a constipated Arab blame Israel for his constipation, shouting that they have poisoned his food! We don’t want to see Israelis as humans, this is unacceptable, whether we want it or not they are humans and they have the right to live just as we do.

Once and for all Arabs should understand and accept that Israelis have the right to exist in this Middle East just as we do. Regardless of the circumstances of their arrival, they have established a strong country in here and they are trying to integrate the region. When the Palestinians failed to keep their homeland the way it was, it was their fault, they lost it and they should just accept it and restart living for once. They have deprived the Palestinian youth the right to dream of improving their lives, they deprived them the right to build their lives. The Palestinian leaders have no right to do that.

And whatever the Palestinians choose to do, or not to do, it is not MY duty in Lebanon to fight their war, let’s not forget that the Palestinians were no better than the Israelis they started a war that I will never forgive them for, just as I never forgave the Lebanese parties for participating in this war either.

And in spite of all that, Palestinians are humans and they deserve respect and their lives are not cheaper than anyone else. Same about Israelis, they are humans and their lives are just as precious as anyone else.

Enough lies. Enough brutality.

They are demonstrating for us!

At the start of this war so many had betting that, once Hezbollah would reach the Israeli heart, the Israelis would panic and turn against their government and simply refuse this war. Because they are too scared to fight, that they are no longer used to stress of war and all that. The Israelis proved us wrong, apparently they have the same fighting spirit as Hezbollah, and they are willing to tolerate losses now if that would lead to the disarmament of Hezbollah.

In the first weeks of the fight 90% of Israelis were supporting the Israeli offensive, which means that even Arab Israelis were probably supporting this offensive also. Now this percentage has dropped to almost 80%. Hurray, Lebanese are shouting: Victory. Oh let’s not forget that 80% is still a crushing majority. And let’s not forget that even in the first days of the struggle Hezbollah failed to gather that much support among the Lebanese people, that’s why no one tried to mention it.

And now, when Israelis protest in the streets of Israel are organised they are to defend the Lebanese right to live, no demonstration went down to the street saying that the Israelis are losing in this war, or indicating that the Israelis are no longer supporting their government. They are just sympathising with the Lebanese mothers and children, a sympathy that we refuse to reciprocate.

And still we interpret these demonstrations as a victory, what victory?


shlemazl said...

This was brilliantly summarized by Sandmonkey:

Angelsiiighs said...

Indeed brilliant and A song for you:

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jokerman said...

Unfortunately, to mention israeli civilian victims would be the mother of all faux pas's. Incase you hadn't notice pazuzu, but arabs do not care about arab loss unless an Israeli caused it, it is less about the victims & more about the culprit

Pazuzu said...

Yes really brilliant, but also very sad

Thanks angel!

Jokerman: I can only repeat what I said to shlemazl: True and very sad