Tuesday, November 28, 2006

look who's back

He got killed in the fucking middle of the day, in the fucking middle of Beirut! So what else is new? Just another "Dog" that died and that we as Lebanese, Evil, Zionist, imperial, Westernized assholes are going to accuse Syria of killing. Well I will try to be more "patriotic" and avoid accusing those angelic Pro-Syrian Saviors of nothing because you see, as I have noticed, many Lebanese factions have suddenly become excessively patriotic and simply stopped accusing Syria of anything… Hell, Syria left Lebanon a LONG time ago. After all, you don’t hear the countries that were once occupied by the Soviets complaining about Russia’s interference in their internal issues, do you? Oh wait… they do complain because Russia is a big fish and it simply wants to swallow the small fishes… Syria is a Big fish that needs to swallow this small fish… It is that simple. But you know some are really much bigger than that, they are bigger than Syria, damn it, they are even bigger than Russia, the USA and God Almighty! So they are not worried about Syrian influence, they have a juicier target to attack and accuse: OUR government. Yes yes, it was the 14th of March’s coalition if the FPM quit the government discussion, their fault if the July war took place, why wouldn’t it be their fault if they were dying?

On Tuesday Pierre Gemayel was killed... It has been a whole week for his death... here's what I feel and think

This is how I knew of his death
Yes of course I went
The demonstration
Who killed him
The Tayyar in all this
War? Oh come on!!
I still hope


NOMAD said...

"tant qu'il y de la vie y'a de l'espoir", continues, peut-être n'es-tu pas la seule dans ton pays à penser la même chose, et partager les mêmes idées ça donne de l'énergie

jokerman said...

where have you been? been some time since your last blog....hope to see you start again soon.

koki said...

it's been like a month since you posted anything, are you sure you're okay? hope everything is going just fine!

Anonymous said...

You write a lot ! How are you, mama junior haha...this is mama senior here...hey I created a blog too, but not much to say only photos, if you have time check it out...hope you are fine, I mean, after all that "war" it must be really hard there, broken economy, nothing really goes ahead...I really hope to hear from you ! Hugs !!!

ezou said...
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ezou said...

yeah yeah she's ok......
but she's too lazy......:P