Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Who killed him?

Of course everyone’s saying they did not kill him, of course they are all accusing each other of the murder.

The 14th of March unanimously accuse Syria, most of the time hinting at Syria’s internal helpers.
  • Saad Hariri accused Syria as soon as he heard the news, un point c’est tout!

  • Geagea said that this is an attempt to reduce the number of Ministers to force a governmental change, after the Hezballah and Amal resigned and Pierre died, they only need the death of 2 more Ministers and the government dies. There fore Geagea implicitly accused Hezballah and Amal in particular, and all those who ally themselves to them in general, of somehow killing him. What’s interesting is that he classified them (those who are taking the country to the unknown) in two groups:
    1. Those who are knowingly doing so: Hezbollah and probably Amal also

    2. Those are being blindly driven by the first
      Thus saying that Aoun did not kill Pierre, but he’s just stupid according to Geagea.
      Geagea also insists that the killers are also trying to stop the international tribunal (that’s also and accusation to Hezballah

  • Walid Jumblat Bluntly accuses Syria. Now Jumblat didn’t Bluntly Accuse Hezballah of any charge but he cynically invited the resigned Ministers to go back to the government and assume their crucial roles in this critical phase. Jumblat’s speech also met with Geagea’s speech in portraying this assassination as an attempt to block the international tribunal. Jumblat also answered Nasrallah’s declaration that he’s with the tribunal, he answered saying that Nasrallah only needs to give one word to his representatives in the government to go back to their offices and agree on the international tribunal

On the other side, it’s like looking through the mirror:
  • Nasrallah is simply saying that they are not standing against the tribunal

  • Aoun says that this is an attempt to start a friction between the Christians

  • Sleiman Franjiyeh … let’s not talk about his opinion…

The whole world has condemned the assassination, I won’t cite them all I’ll just mention the following ones:
  • The USA is accusing Syria, which is no real surprise after all.

  • France is saying it’s not interested in opening dialogue with Syria, for the moment at least.

  • Russia “regretted” the “resumption of political assassinations”… Damn, you could almost feel them yawning while saying this. And remembering the death of the Russian Journalist last month (for obvious political reasons) and the death of the Russian former spy (he kept saying he was poisoned by the Russian regime), remembering all this, I can’t stop myself from asking: Are they making fun of us?

My opinion isn’t so hard to guess, I am convinced and it is perfectly clear for me that it is the Syrians by their Lebanese agents (HIZBALLAH) that did this. It’s more obvious to me than the fact that they killed Hariri. The day Pierre died I thought to myself,
  1. Hizballah’s going to accuse the 14th of March of this assassination

  2. Amal will probably remain silent

  3. Sleiman, Karameh and Wi’am Wahhab are going to attack the 14th of March, salute Aoun and call for Sanioora to resign

  4. Aoun? Aoun is definitely going to say that it’s the government’s fault, he won’t accuse them of killing him but he will certainly blame them overall

Well, I can almost say: “see? Told you!” But on the other hand, never expected one thing. I never expected each and every FPM to simply believe that Samir Geagea was behind the murder!

Samir Geagea?!


Look people. I am not a big fan of warlords… But you are making him sound like an angel, believe me. I remember when Naamtallah abi Nasr (currently part of the Change and Reform block led by Michel Aoun) was talking as Samir Geagea was released. He said:

“I said it from the start, the son of Bsharre can never blow up a church!

For the non-Lebanese readers Bsharre is the hometown of Geagea and a “very” Christian town, in 1994, when Geagea was tried and the LF was disbanded, the pretext was a bombing put in a church.

Abi Nasr’s word keep on echoing in my mind let me complete that:

“Geagea would never kill a Kate’eb… and definitely not a Gemayel”

As I say this, I am more than fully aware the thin ice that I am walking over, I am 100% aware that I was born in an LF family and as I am not a stereotyped person and would very easily criticize an LF… any LF if I believe s/he was wrong (you can check my post about Bashir Gemayel if you don’t really believe me).

When I was in the Martyr’s Square, Naji (our class’s LF délégué) looked at the masses and told me that Manar is going to come at the end of the day, look for some empty corner and declare that the demonstration was a failure. We laughed, it’s true, but even he didn’t expect Samir Geagea to be accused of this murder. You see, there is something between the Kate’eb and the Lebanese Forces (LF), at the start the LF were just a part of the Kate’eb, with time the LF consumed the Kate’eb (I am skipping a lot of details by saying just that), but there were never any real schism between the two. On the ground there is this huge population of “something between Kate’eb and LF”, I would even say that 90% of all LF members would consider themselves as Kate’eb also since it is just part of being an LF. Hell!! The question itself seems meaningless.
In the end, saying that the LF killed Pierre is kind of like saying that the Kate’eb killed him, that’s what’s missing, I am waiting for the day they are going to say that the Kate’eb killed him… Wait a second… You know what? They DID say it!!!

On Thursday when I came home, during the evening I went to my net café of choice, the atmosphere was uncomfortably silent, usually it’s smoke and shouting all over but this time no one was saying a word. The reason for this is that most of the customers are LF and the woman in charge of the net is an FPM. When everyone had left, all the LF were hanging around in the street, there were just 2 regular customers and the woman and her father, all FPM, that’s when the juicy conversation started. They were certainly bashing the LF kids outside (even though they are regular customers but they apparently regard them as they regard all LFs: Good for nothing ze3ran ‘ouwet), she talked about how they gathered when Pierre died and started verbally insulting Aoun, then how they supposedly insulted her father because of his political opinion… bla bla bla… Then they talked about the crime and it was like:

Amine (the father) was a Great Man… Indeed…
Now Amine is wounded and in pain, but you just wait till everything settles down and you’ll hear his REAL opinion.
But something’s obviously fishy in the crime, where were the bodyguards?
Why didn’t they shoot back? What were they doing?
Ok, so one of them died but what about the others?
Pierre was killed in Jdeideh!!! That’s not the Dahieh!
They shot him from inside the car, then they came down, they opened the door and started shooting him in the face!
And besides how did they (Geagea and the 14th of march people) all know someone’s going to die?
Something’s fishy about this.
The guy was SOLD. They SOLD him, he was a good man but he was SOLD!!!

I was hurt hearing all this. I wanted to say something but I was tired, and I have seen this before, it will end up ugly and personally I wasn’t in the mood for this. For all it’s worth here’s what I think:

Amine (the father) was a Great Man… Indeed…
Let me see, so when he appointed Aoun PM during the last years of the civil war he was a hero (even though it was against the customs of our country that dictate that a Sunni is to be appointed PM). Then when he stood against Aoun after the cedar revolution he was a traitor, damn it they used to call his son, Pierre, Pipeau which is a comic character in a Lebanese humoristic program. They accused both father and son of “blindly defending Geagea”, an FPM classmate of mine, who usually calls me Pipeau also, once asked me: Why does Pierre attack the General anyway, Geagea isn’t so disrespectful to us! They kept criticizing and bluntly attacking them both till the death f Pierre and now they almost dress Pierre in Orange and want to call Amine a “great man”?! Thanks a lot but I suspect Amine was slightly happier when he was being insulted along with his son.

I suppose that I must mention that I am not a big fan of the Gemayel political tactics but I never called them names and I never believed that they were politically stupid or wrong, I just felt they compromised too much.

Now Amine is wounded and in pain, but you just wait till everything settles down and you’ll hear his REAL opinion.
Amine Gemayel acted like a Great Man, he called for calm and prayer, he escorted Berri into the church when protestors refused to let him in… He wanted things to go on peacefully and calmly but he did he neither forgave nor declared Berri innocent, he did not shake his hand inside the church, that’s the great thing about Amine’s attitude lately, he called for peace but he did not submit, he will no longer give up.
Yes of course some would say “just wait till he comes back to his senses” but when Amine is will remain on his position they will just accuse him of selling his son’s blood for a presidential seat or something, some are whispering already about a charade and a false act of mourning that Amine is supposedly playing in order to become a president again. I have only one answer to these: Shame

But something’s obviously fishy in the crime, where were the bodyguards?
Why didn’t they shoot back? What were they doing?
Ok, so one of them died but what about the others?

Ok let me see if I get this straight… So the bodyguards were part of a conspiracy to kill Pierre. Let me see if I get it straight, the guys who have stood by him and his family are the ones who let him die. Ok, that’s very rational, I guess Geagea came to the bodyguards and kindly said to them:
Ok ya Rifa. Tomorrow we are going to kill Pierre, he’s a good guy but we are going to kill him because we want to sell his blood. You guys are not going to do anything just sit there and get shot. The one whose going to be sitting right next to Pierre is going to die, but the rest of you don’t do anything, let the dog die. Buwahahaha

And of course the bodyguards answered:
Yes Master… We’ll put Shartoony next to Pierre, he’ll die to serve you Master

That’s insulting! Honestly insulting. As for asking about the role a bodyguard can do, let’s not take the Hollywood movies too seriously, bodyguards walk holding their loaded guns only in Iraq, bodyguards start shooting at a running car if they are highly trained. Usually the best bodyguards are the ones who would put themselves in the line of fire to protect their boss with their bodies. Pierre’s bodyguards were taken by surprise; reports say that the whole process took nothing more than 15 to 20 seconds. That’s not enough time to pull the weapon out in a normal situation. And finally, Pierre’s bodyguards are not the French “guarde du corps” chosen out of the best and very highly trained, they are just people who would have died to save Pierre’s life, but they have passed their 30s, married men with kids. They were not to perfect protection, but they were no traitors. Pierre didn’t want a perfect protection he was relying on stealth.

Pierre was killed in Jdeideh!!! That’s not the Dahieh!
Ok just a geography reminder, in Beirut in general, the East and West Beirut borders are very close while population don’t mix regions are only meters away, Jdeideh is only 2 minutes away from Shiia areas, in there so stop fooling yourselves.

They shot him from inside the car, then they came down, they opened the door and started shooting him in the face!
Not true, they just opened the car to check if he died or not, that only takes a fraction of a second.

And besides how did they (Geagea and the 14th of march people) all know someone’s going to die?
DUH!!! The international tribunal is coming. And as Geagea said, the national security was aware of something going on. That’s a proof that the government was doing a good job. Let’s not forget who is in fact trying to block these security measures, who is trying to stop the government from connecting the Armed forces Data and archives? Who went crazy when the national security forces were trying to install observation cameras all around central Beirut? Who has opposed the deployment of International forces to help Lebanon control its borders with Syria? Who still holds weapons outside the Lebanese national armed forces?

The guy was SOLD. They SOLD him, he was a good man but he was SOLD!!!
No comment.

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jokerman said...

I think Syria did it, the more confusion & chaos in lebanon, the better for them, better for conspirators who are benefitting from their relationship with syria. Thats my opinion