Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Tayyar in all this:

Everybody around the net has seen the protesters burning Aoun’s pictures and the Lebanese dude running to a Syrian cab driver and the Lebanese soldier hardly managing to hold him back. That was not right, it was an awful thing to do. That’s what it was. Nothing justifies violence.

And here’s what these incidents were NOT:

  • These incidents were not an act of mutinee. All the violence was controlled by the military forces. The Tayyar members were not physically attacked. And I repeat that I am not justifying the violence that took place, but what I am saying is that this was not Apocalypse

  • These incidents were not encouraged by the government. If violence was the aim of the government and the forces 14th of March, then why didn’t Thursday’s demonstration turn into violence, we didn’t break anything, and in fact everyone was calling for calm. A demonstration like Thursday’s could have easily been turned into a real Apocalypse. There were huge numbers of demonstrators we could have easily caused troubles and attacked symbols and stuff. But we didn’t, because no one wanted that, and especially not the government and the 14th of March coalition. Notice the demonstration that took place on Thursday night, a hundred person or so managed to make so much violence that Nasrallah had to ask them to disperse and go home, they even attacked a monument of Sa’eb Salam, a Sunni leader whose son is now allied to the Hezballah coalition.

  • These incidents might not be justifiable but they are not a huge surprise
    I remember the period that followed the Syrian withdrawal, Syria claimed that 50 Syrian citizens in Lebanon were killed by angry Lebanese people. The number is certainly exaggerated, but it is not false, according to what I know, many Syrians were mistreated and a few were even killed, I am not certain of the death of any, it was never declared but I heard that some were killed especially in Tripoli. At that time people simply went silent about it, some even bluntly expressed their joy. It would usually be easy to shut such people up, it’s enough to remind them that no one has the right to attack others, even Syrians. At some occasions we had to remind them that a “man” is someone that would dare to defy a Syrian when the Syrian army was still in Lebanon, so what these people have done was a coward action. At that time, there were no divergence between the LF and the FPM, there were violent assholes everywhere but that was never widespread.

  • Violence is unacceptable but the anger was understandable.

  • Aoun did not order the murder, but he is still defending those that did, at least those that are suspected to be involved. Not to mention that the FPM has repeatedly accused the 14th of March coalition of treason and said that things won’t get better until all these powers leave. Kate’eb in general, Gemayel family more particularly were targeted by the Tayyar.

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