Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The demonstration

This is the first time that I had a camera in my pocket… thanks to Zouzou’s I-mate.

The bus

This is from the bus we were in…this is the picture of the slain Minister… This is the picture we saw the most in the demonstration, along with the picture of the Hariri and all the other martyrs.

And we were being aggressive? We Attacked Michel Aoun? Should we beg Michel Aoun to stop attacking and accusing us of treason? Should we apologize for feeling offended?!


Ok this is a very interesting picture notice the person (1) whose holding the flag up there? Well, that was a Druze guy (I know from the flag lol, that’s the flag of the Progressive Socialist Party of Jumblat). Of course many followed, of all parties… The only reason why I posted this picture is to say:

What were you thinking?!

They could have fell or something!

You could see 2 more guys, or 2 more couple of guys, climbing (2) and (3).

And by the way I never noticed that the Nahar building was so close to the martyr's square (4)


The Ahrar, a small Lebanese Christian Party that has historical problems with the Kate’eb and the LF, was massively represented in Thursday’s demonstration. There number was not huge, for many reasons, starting from the fact that many Ahrar are now FPM members, but the most important reason was that the Ahrar are in fact a small party. This Ahrar convoy was received with applause, they held a huge picture of their martyr: Dani Chamoun, along with his wife and two sons, they were all killed with him in the attack. I couldn’t capture the picture I only got a corner lol.

The real change

Many are accusing the LF of changing, of losing their identity as they are now allied to the future movement… here’s the only change that I have noticed in the LF “principles”: The LF flag facing a mosque… with no friction.

The only one who was attacked

Ok… let me remind all those who have forgotten… In March 2005 we called Bashar a “3akroot” that’s a very awful insult in Arabic, at that time we cursed we said really bad things about Lahood, Bashar and Nasrallah… That was not the situation this time. We didn’t curse as much.
There were many pictures of Bashar, they were used to step on and to insult. There were only a few (and I am not exaggerating) pictures of Aoun, I personally only saw one, and the only footnote on it was:

“who split the front?”

This is what bothers us in Aoun, we all fought together and we kicked the Syrians out… Who split the front?

Now I am not saying that there were no pictures of Aoun, hell I’ll even admit that there were many of them, and I don’t know what… Even in that case, I don’t really understand the FPM outrage, they insult the 14th of March coalition calling them (publicly) traitors and even insist that they should leave before Lebanon would get any better, and they were with us when we used unspeakable terms to attack the Syrians and Lahoud… All this is OK?! But for them to get attacked? NOOOO that’s a crime, maybe it’s time for someone to get over childhood!


jokerman said...

“3akroot” that’s a very awful insult in Arabic.
really?? I wouldnt have thought so, never heard anyone swear that word before, sounds kiddish a bit, whats its meaning in english?

jokerman said...

You have a serious problem in lebanon, too many factions!
To me it seems like pro syrians are the ones who are desperate not to have the tribunal, shiites too are screwing things up & nasralah has blood on his hands & doesnt seem to care about it. Many do idolise him & thats a big problem.