Tuesday, November 28, 2006

This is how I knew of his death

At 3:00 I was in the middle of my Microbiology Lab.

At 3:30 when the attack took place, I was on my way home

I reached home sometime after 4:00. My mom came soon after. I put something to eat for my brother and after a while she called me to the other room, telling me that Pierre the son of Amine was shot in Beirut and he’s in a critical situation in the hospital. I had no idea since I don’t turn the TV on till my brother finishes his home works and for some odd reason I thought that my mom meant to say that Amine was the one who was attacked. Of course I made an exception this time, then I went back to my mom and said: No mom he’s dead, it’s official, they said it on TV.

Of course she didn’t start crying and shouting but I know that it hurt her very deeply, you see my family is a Kate’eb family… The LF part came later; they still regard Bashir Gemayel as a Kate’eb not an LF. The rest of the day went slowly, just watching TV hoping it was just a bad joke, helping my brother with his homework wasn’t easy, my mom wasn’t helpful at all, with her extremely volatile and angry attitude, she’d constantly interrupt me while talking to my brother to yell and tell him he better work harder and threatening with punishments and stuff… That never helps, but that’s my mom she can’t control her anger. Eventually it passed.

So we went back to watching TV and hoping for something anything. The first thing we heard was the CNN playing the “Oh my God we are so sad for the death of this ANTI-SYRIAN minister” and Saad Ed-dine announcing Pierre’s death and accusing Syria. All the Arab news channels were busy showing pictures of the car… Oh yes we really needed to see the blood. Then it was the mayhem, there were Sleymen Franjiyyeh accusing the 14th of March of killing Pierre along with Syrians, the Syrian ambassador to the UK obnoxiously said:
… Syria has no interest in this, the man was killed in his own area by his own people…
Then you move to the Manar and the New TV and they are spitting their conspiracy theories everywhere, who benefited from this? The Americans of course! And of course there were the 14th of March people repeating that this is a conspiracy to break down the government and to reduce its members.

One thing was constantly on TV, the scene of people gathered in the hospital, crying, yelling, holding the pictures they have of him, most of them pictures from the time when he was a candidate for the elections.

At this time my mom was washing the dishes in the kitchen, I know she was also crying, I am not stupid.

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