Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Yes! Of course I went!

When Hariri died and the cedar revolution started to take shape, I was skeptical, I insisted, over and over again that it isn't a solution, that Syria won't withdraw and even if it did it'd be nothing really, that it was just a charade, they'll be back!

I only went down on the 14th of March, that day a made a decisive choice... I chose to believe in Lebanon. And when I made that choice I knew there was no turning back. When people stopped believing in the cedar revolution I defended it, because we are the cedar revolution, we made it. And if it fails then it's OUR failure and I refuse to fail as long as hope remains. I made a choice that I will not abandon; I chose to believe in Lebanon.

Those of you who know me, know that I am not the kind the blindly believes in patriotism, I am not the kind that would hold an olive branch and repeat the national anthem. I said it before, I don’t believe Christians are here to stay, I believe that sooner or later Lebanon will be an Islamic republic and I don’t say that as a warning or out of disappointment. I say it because I believe life changes and everything with it. But… BUT! I still believe in Lebanon, I will defend it, even if I ever leave it, until Lebanon is officially declared dead annexed or anything like that, I will keep on struggling for this country. I struggle for it as an ideology, I would have defended any other country if it were mine also, and defending a country is not about the name of the country that you are defending, it’s about the ideals, the hopes and the dreams.

On Thursday I went to the martyr’s square. I went without “consulting” anyone without thinking that I might be labeled as an LF. Believe it or not, I went there because I wanted this to stop, I want a country in which no one will have to die. I went for these reasons, and I assume full responsibility of what I’ve done, I know that my FPM environment in college will just say that I am simply showing my LF face…

But regardless of anything I went and I will not apologize for that. I went for Pierre and for all those who might die in the future if nothing is done. I went for the love of a cause, for the love of a country and for the love of a dream.

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Chris in MB said...

"...and I assume full responsibility of what I’ve done, I know that my FPM environment in college will just say that I am simply showing my LF face…"

It concerns me a little how you phrased that using the term "full responsibility". Maybe I'm misreading it but does that mean you may be labeled and/or perhaps mistreated?

Also, how would the FPM "environment" know about your attendance in the first place?

Is there alot of "serious" hostility between FPM & LF supporters on a personal/individual level?

...still trying to wrap my head around all this so forgive my ignorance. ;)