Sunday, October 01, 2006

a sweet week passing by my life... bla bla bla

It's been a week already… one week is gone, a life time to go. This week was weird, it escapes the normal classifications. I went through my last week of exams which is good, but in fact the closure of my week wasn't so great. Most of the entries I have written this week are small mainly because I'm working on the template change, it's almost done I was hoping to finish it by now because I can't waste my time in net cafés… Oh did I mention that I have spent the whole weekend with my uncles and my brother? I was planning to stay till I finish the new look but my mom needs me to baby-sit my brother… she's going to the school again! So tomorrow I'll go to college (to register my name on the TP list and see if the results are declared, which is unlikely some classes haven't finished their exam), then it's straight to Jounieh, I don't really want to go home to where everything is NOT going well.

Most of this week's entries were written on Friday, on Saturday and Sunday i was mainly working on the changes, in fact they were all written on Friday except for the answer to the tag ( by the way I didn't get the chance to review it so forgive me).

There's also an entry about my Grandfather's invitation to last week's mass and another about the Lab Coat Guy, and a cute scientific thing I read in pour la science
Also in the news:

I got myself pants and a couple of shirts… I like it, and the best thing about it is that I didn't pay for them! Haha it's cool to have a big family.

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