Sunday, October 01, 2006

tag... bla bla bla... I like tags :D

1- Do you like the look and the contents of your blog?

Sure, I always liked neutral looks and black’s the best colour, not to mention that there someone I deeply admired whose favorite colour was black, my favorite colour is yellow and my brothers’ favorite colours are Dark Purple and Red… Not very suitable. And black is very practical. As for the other aspects, well I would like to chage a few things but looks never bothered me.

2- Does your family know about your blog?

My brother certainly knows but he doesn’t regularly check it because he sees it as a private thing in which I express myself.

3- Can you tell your friends about your blog? Do you consider it a private thing?

I don’t tell anyone about anything anyway, I am not the kind of people who are so attached to honesty I don’t think people always like to hear anything and there fore I won’t tell them what they don’t wish to hear, I want them to like me.

4- Do you just read the blogs of those who comment on your blog? or you try to discover new blogs?

Well, there’s not way I could check out blogs randomly anymore I used to search a lot for blogs and checking links on other people’s blogs but not anymore.

5- Did your blog positively affect your mind? Give an example.

Well, believe it or not I tend to see the things that happen in my life positively, but only a while after they take place. I suppose this blog affected me positively, you won’t find me telling anyone I know that I don’t “believe” in the church and don’t look very highly to Bashir Gemayel… You’d definitely not hear me say in my real life, saying that I have doughts about God or talk about virginity. But after months of blogging I have become a little more daring and I feel far more confident about my argumentation ability and my knowledge in many subjects. Not to mention that I get to talk about my sex life… I wonder if I should say sex Life or Pseudo sex Life.

6- What does the number of visitors to your blog mean? Do you use a traffic counter?

Oh I worship attention, you’d despies me if you know how obssessive I am when it comes to know about how many people check my blog and what they think. I like to know that a lot of people like my blog a lot.

7- Did you imagine how other bloggers look like?

YES. I am also extremely obssessive about how the people whose blogs I read are like in real life, I have a mental profile of each person, well, physically I don’t always have a clear idea and usually I don’t have preferences, just curiousity, but I also enjoy thinking of how they act, what would make them feel a little embarrassed and how would they react. Stuff like that. Oh! And of course I would wonder if they would like me more or less if I ever get to meet them.

8- Do you think blogging have any real benefit?

What’s “real” benefit anyway. As far as I’m concerned if it makes me feel better then it has a real benefit. But in general blogging can be very different there fore it can be very useful, for example we in the Middle East have far less Freedom of Speech than the rest of the world and blogging can provide this view that we can’t express publicly. That’s just one example.

9- Do you think that the blogsphere is a stand alone community separated from the real world?

Separate? Well, frankly? You can’t eat the cyber food for example, so no it’s not independant.

10- Do some political blogs scare you? Do you avoid them?


11- Do you think that criticizing your blog is useful?

Sure it can be useful. But for personal reasons, especially my lack of self confidence, I tend to tolerate criticism far less than others. Once I get to trust and like people then their criticism bothers me no more, Shelamzl for example often criticises some of my ideas, but that never bothers me.

12- Have you ever thought about what happen to your blog in case you died.

No, well, ok I’m lying! I thought about it often, I know I’m weird and I won’t tell you anymore about this but hopefully if that ever happens then manybe my brother would leave a note later on my blog (he knows the password even though I never gave ti to him)

13- Which blogger had the greatest impression on you?

That’s an “evil” question! But frankly you can’t say greatest impression, many have left an impression here’s a list:
- Sandmonkey: To be honest, when I first started my blog I only updated it a few times, then the dark cloud above my head went away and I didn’t feel I would talk about anything, especially that I was still chatting often and simply didn’t see the potential of blogging. Then one day a friend of mine showed me a link to the Monkey’s blog and I liked his opinions, I was hooked and his way of expression made me think of expressing my ideas also, especially that I felt that neither my online or real life friends would be interested to hear the ideas I express in here. I suppose that qualifies for “great impression”
- Jos: Well, let’s be honest, Jos is a Lebanese girl, she lives in beirut and she likes psychology… I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t follow her blog even if I rarely follow Lebanese blogs
- Mysoupis: Well, let’s be honest once again, she’s a french woman she’s an artist, her blog seems so much like a dream and she’s among the first people to have started following my blog.
- Kareem: Kareem knows how much I like him, he’s so special that I fear sounding as if I’m in love with him if I start talking about him
- Jokerman: he’s the kind of people that likes to interact a lot to people but doesn’t like to post a lot, but he’s so “xenophilic”, I like him.
- Shelamzl: Oh! To be honest he’s so “Israeli” in everything he does I admit he’s practically the only Israeli I have contact with, I disagree with him about 60% of his ideas (the guy likes George Bush… Eww!) but I just wish I would get along with all the ones I disagree with as much as I get along with him.
- Yasmina: Honestly I lost her link when I lost my internet connection because at first I didn’t have the chanc to check all the blogs every week, I used to have to check a half one week and the other half the next week. And when I checked Sandmonkey’s link it didn’t lead me anywhere, I wonder if she deleted her account that wouldn’t be compatible with the mental picture I have of her. But anyway, what I like about her is mainly the interesting mix in her character, between what she was expected to become and the picture she has of herself and within her picture of her self I like the contrast between the profoundly “oriental traits” and the profoundly “western traits”. In many ways she’s both what I was before February/March 2005 and what I wish to become in future.
- Leilouta: Well, leilouta is really special she doesn’t need to hear it from me, her blog’s not only addictive it is also a very genuine expression of many things I relate to in my mind, especially when it comes to her relationship with the people that she lives or has lived with.
- Chris: Hehe… I subconsciously love this man, you could say he speaks to the male half of my personalliy (I know this is going to get me in trouble but it’s really difficult to explain, just trust my word for it I mean it in a good sense)
- feel I am forgetting someone

14- Which blogger you think is the most similar to you.

Leilouta and Kareem… I think, well honestly, I do tend to see a part of me in each person I like (or sometimes dislike) and all of the people that I have mentioned in the previous questions seem to me very close to me (even Sandmonkey and Shlemazl) but the two I mentioned are close to me in very special points, I won’t detail it because I’d sound very silly and weird.

15 - Name a song you want to listen to?

Oh, I don’t know, maybe “when I’m old and wise” or maybe “mon ami la rose” but in general anything for Magida Roomy, Metallica, Red hot chily peppers, Ramstein, Francis Cabrel, Daniel Guichard, Lara fabien, Alanis morissette… And certainly the Master of all: Jacques Brel (it’s not fair that he’s dead)… I suppose I am disqualified since the question was “name A song…”

Now I am not tagging anyone else, I don’t want to :P


shlemazl said...

Sandmonkey got me blogging as well. He's one of the best for sure. It's amazing when this kind off stuff comes from an Egyptian; takes guts and braincells to work things out in that country. One of my blogging pals met him recently and he does not look the way I imagined. Great guy. Lelouta won "Shlemazl's best all-round blog" competition and I nearly nominated her for the position of Prime Minister of Canada. For some reason she seems to think that Chris and Shlemazl are twins, so I can't comment on my twin.

However I change my preferences over time and at the moment this blog is my favourite. I like your sense of humour and the ability to write the stuff I wouldn't be able to.

"Shelamzl: Oh! To be honest he’s so “Israeli” in everything he does..."

- If you are going to misspell my name, would you mind calling me "Helamzl"?
- You do know I am not Israeli, don't you?
- I wonder how I can disagree with you 5% of the time when you disagree with me 60% of the time :-)? Guess it's because all Jews are argumentative and I am as bad as any of them.

Oh, and I don't really criticize you. I just don't always agree (see notes above):-)

Jos said...

You don't usually follow Lebanese bloggers, but you're following my blog! You made me feel 'important', in a way or another. So, thanks :)

I agree on what you said concerning Shlemazl:) Even if we disagree on some points with him, but it's impossible not to get along with him. I admire argumentative, witty and smart persons; this is why I follow your blog and his [among other].

And, Pazuzu, I do like your blog a lot!!!! Just so you know :D

Nomad said...

first time someone tells my place is a dream, I usually read how what kind of nightmare I am living in,
may-be it is cause we don't act as people would like us to do

anyway, you are a kind and sensitiv person

Chris in MB said...

#6 "Oh I worship attention..."

OK! I'll be sure to click on your blog at least three or four times a day & leave more comments! I should also really update my links & add you; they remain the same as the day I started.

#13 "I subconsciously love this man..."

hehehe, {blushing} Pazuzu has a crush on me! Pazuzu has a crush on me!
Nanana na na na!
{Chris' ego inflates to massive proportions}

Yeah, I like your blog too. I don't search for different blogs either, tend to just click onto links in the comments I like. Inadvertently I seem to be lurking around the Middle East all the time?!? It's sort of funny, I didn't even have an abnormally special interest in the area before I started!

shlemazl said...


Are you crazy? Do you want me to become even more unbearable?

Jos said...

No!.. plz :))

Pazuzu said...

shlemazl I know you're never lived in israel, but in fact you are SO israeli! it's about your character, what you defned and the way you are so into their cause

sorry for spelling mistakes my fingers are not as fast as my mind.

if there are things that I disagree with you about I dont always mention them, I would do so in the future, it depends on my blogging activity. but trust me there's a lot we disagree about.

You are important

Dream, because it's so much like a corner of your own, in which you post your art (dreams for me) and nothing else matters.

you don't have to make such sacrifices just to feed my ego ;) I can't get enough attention. As for your attntion to middle eastern blogs... maybe that's because that's the only place where we are so normal, away from the terrorism and hymen obssession

shlemazl said...

"if there are things that I disagree with you about I dont always mention them, I would do so in the future"

Yes please.

"the way you are so into their cause" - Several reasons:

1. I have friends and relatives in Israel.

2. I am very greatful to Israel for saving millions of people from murder and discrimination.

3. Israel is at the forefront of struggle against everything I detest.

4. It's nice to know that if someone goes for the "final solution" again, we are organized and can fight back.

5. I hope it won't be necessary, but it's a place my kids can always go to if there is a resurgence of antisemitism in the west.

Israel does have serious problems, e.g. too much socialism, religion and inequality. Even so...

A year ago I met a Lebanese guy who immigrated into Israel after the pullout from Lebanon. I told him that Israel could have treated her allies better. That guy defended Israel vigorously and claimed that everything was done that could be done. He said that some people who stayed in southern Lebanon suffered terribly, but it was their own fault.

Chris in MB said...

"...and hymen obssession"

hehehe, You have no idea how hard I had to restrain myself from making an inappropriate comment. I'll just leave it up to your imagination. :)

Pazuzu said...

I know the reasons why you support israel family friends were from those who didn't leave after the withdrawal and their situation was deplorable. Btw I was once advised to live in Israel lol.

Either say it or send it by email... Or I'll be hunting you some day and killing you for NOT telling me the inapropriate comment!

Chris in MB said...

"I'll be hunting you some day and killing you.."

You can try that but I'm 6000km away!

This is exactly where I'm sitting right at this very moment within 3meters:
50*06'03.46"W 97*01'04.09"W

hehehe, good luck hunting!
I'll be looking over my shoulder.
Sure hope ya don't have a cruise missile!

shlemazl said...

"Btw I was once advised to live in Israel lol."

Well it's possible, if members of your family live there or if you have a Jewish relative. Other options exist: check this out.

Canada is a better option though; for one thing it has better neighbours.

Chris in MB said...

"Canada is a better option though"

We also seem to have a massive number of Lebanese with dual citizenship over here. Hey I've got an idea! Pazuzu I'll sponsor you & get you a job! You see I know of a place that needs help very badly & the owner is an extremely nice guy &, &,.......

Jos said...

'Jos: You are important'

Thanks a lot!

Einmal said...

lol guys, from what I know, the Lebanese abroad are famous for illegal actions, in Australia it's drug dealing, in canada it's fraud lol.

Oh and chris: I hope the services include sex, I only sleep with my boss if he's Catholic... I'm a good catholic girl

Chris in MB said...

...I actually have start going back to church again?!?

Chris in MB said...

hehehe, opps!
"...have to start..."

You shouldn't talk to a guy first thing in the morning like that!

My blood circulation was still all in my "extremities" from last night & my fingers didn't work quite as they should.

btw, thanks for causing me to daydream while working today! I think my employee was getting a little nervous at the weird looks I was giving him! :P

Einmal said...

You're welcome chris anytime! But be careful with yor customers they pay the money