Sunday, October 01, 2006

last week of exams

Before going to bed Thursday I was feeling a little guilty, I knew I wasn't well prepared for Friday's exam. My chances are looking good when it comes to passing this year and this week wasn't so bad:

Tuesday: Biometry
I mentioned before that I wasn't hoping much from the biometry exam. You see it's a "documents permis" kind of exams, you get to take your book with you. So if I failed last time it was because I didn't know "how" to use the course, I still haven't understood a thing from it (you see I didn't attend the biometry hours, they were boring!). I didn't do well, but I didn't regret it.

Wednesday: English
Well, English is not really a problem for me. I might have lots of gaps and weaknesses but I can do very well on the exam. And the level demanded isn't very high, it's just enough so that one would be able to comprehend a text in English. In theory all high school graduates should be able to pass it. The only reason I failed was a STUPID mistake I made the day of the exam the first time, I'm certain it went fine this time.

Friday: Final exam… Biochemistry
Well biochemistry is my cup of tea, I like it, it's all about logic and mechanisms which fits me well. But during the year I did not study anything (didn't even bother going to college in the first place) and then didn't even open it before the exam… Where would I know the answers from? This time I was prepared… not very well, but good enough. You see, this is metabolic biochemistry, it's all about biological cycles, it's only natural to have at least ONE cycle to describe in your exam! And the cycles centers attention on certain chapters, cycles suit me well so I had them prepared. Unfortunately our professor had other thoughts on his mind, we only had small memorizing questions, and must I add that this is NOT my cup of tea. I don't know it's not certain I might fail or pass

But you know what I need to succeed in 4 exams, I'll pass English, Pedologie, Zoologie and Genetics, so it's ok.

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