Sunday, October 01, 2006

The lab coat guy:

Oh!!! I've never talked to you about the Lab Coat Guy!

Ok first things first… Let's explain the etymology of the word:

The term Lab Coat Guy was suggested for the first time last year by an online friend (rather an online mentor). The thing is that I forgot the guy's name and I'm too proud to ask. But I often met him in the College library, usually in his lab coat…

Definition and history

The Lab Coat guy is a biochemistry student (now he has finished his degree) that I met last year (in a lab coat of course). The day I met him for the first time, it was in the Library and he was just messing with some books. I instantly recognized a fellow nerd. He was hyperactive and talked faster than he could think. As always he was pissed off about the whole educational system in college (well the system IS deplorable!). that day we talked for a couple of hours, I think. It was certainly not romantic or anything, I mean, I have a terrible crush on nerds and workaholic-like people, but you know there's always that "instinct" that tells you if the person's a potential partner or not, this one was NOT, too much "I'm too smart", "everybody hates me", "everybody's jealous" bla bla bla, bla bla bla and bla blab la.

Anyway, we departed after that (no we did not exchange phone numbers or anything). A few months later, we met in the net café facing our campus and came back home in the same bus. Of course we kept talking and talking, about science mainly.

This year, we met more than we did last year. In the first semester (that's the time when he was baptized "Lab Coat Guy") we met almost every month. He was nice and everything, in fact on one occasion I could have sworn that he was looking at my chest… I suppose he was looking FOR my chest since I look breastless in winter wear. When I told my mentor about this incident (oh did I mention he was Jew… but not in Israeli issues Israel was in fact rarely discussed between us) his verdict was:
Well Rebecca… I won't say anything, you said it: He was looking at your chest"

Current situation

On Friday, I met the Lab Coat Guy again and finally I knew his name: Elie

I also found out that he has also forgotten my name. He insisted on me to sit with him for a while and he even bought me a bottle of Juice (awww… a whole 50cents).He was trying to go to France to continue his studies but his application was rejected, it was never answered in the first place. But he was optimistic he was going to study for a year in a private college and he was relying on a Professor's support for his application next year. He was nice and everything and we talked about a lot of subjects…

I wouldn't tell my mom about him, she would start one of her Parades. In fact there is nothing to it, I don't even like the guy, here's one thing that totally disenchants me about him:

I once met him in the campus, we were talking about his plans to go to France and I was asking for details just as I did so he excused himself… Well not really excused himself, you could say he abruptly ended to the conversation and left, I think all he said was that he "had to go". In fact there is a pattern in this guy's interest, when he has nothing else to do and you're not asking anything from him, he's willing to talk for hours; if not then he's too busy. Friday's meeting for example took place when he was waiting for a professor who wouldn't arrive before an hour (at least).


Jos said...

Well, what can I say? nerd people are weird people:)

Chris in MB said...

Hmmmm, well I happen to be an expert on the intricate workings of the male mind, being in possession of one myself, so I'll give my unsolicited opinion.

To be blunt this guy is a self centered jerk. Sounds like he just wanted an audience, perhaps he believes you admire him & is using you to gratify his ego. Any guy who's interested in you in an unselfish manner will never forget your name or abruptly leave when asked a personal question. That's an absolute fact!

You deserve much better than that!

Pazuzu said...

yeah I can find better nerds :P

but chris I knew he was a jerk I have a good eye for such things (most of the times) but I just hang around because I have time to kill also. That's what bothers me about some, they think they are outsmarting me when I am just hanging around

bsharp said...

My first instinct is to agree with Chris. He is a jerk for leaving so suddenly and you deserve better. But, he did buy you juice and you are a woman who has attracted his glance. It may be that he just has poor social skills. Either way, Chris is probably right, you deserve better, either a nicer person or a person with better social skills and awareness of others' feelings.

Chris in MB said...

"...they think they are outsmarting me when I am just hanging around"

LOL! That's good! That reminds me of a time I was doing some work in the local universities music/arts department. As a favor for one of my customers I was painting all the music bar lines on the chalk boards. Some young arrogant music student started following me around going on & on about how he's writing a symphony & what a genius he was. All this time he was thinking I was simply a janitor or laborer because I was wearing dirty work clothing & doing what appeared to be such a menial task. I let him go on & on in his condescending manner for almost an hour trying my hardest to keep a straight face & not laugh. Finally he asked several personal questions & realized I wasn't quite what I appeared to be. So I turned the tables on him & started going on about my work, using engineering terminology that no normal person would understand. Even made up some words to make it sound more interesting! He only stayed for a couple of minutes longer, the whole time pretending to know what I was talking about.

Finally, just to "rub it in his face" after I finished the job I commented to the guy, "wow, that was an easy $200 for 2 hours work, I should really do this more often!"

He had a very shocked look on his face as I walked away.

(sorry for the very long comment)

Pazuzu said...

cool sharp glad you dropped by!!

yes that's something like what I do but I do it because I'd feel bad if I made them feel bad.

Chris in MB said...

The guy I did this to really deserved to feel bad. He simply assumed that I was an uneducated fool due to my appearance & the job I was doing. Nothing I hate more than an elitist.

He needed a little lesson.