Monday, October 09, 2006

just a dream

I had a dream on Thursday. Of course I don't remember the details but here are the main ideas:

I am talking to someone (I am a queen or something) while removing my teeth and collecting them in a bowl. This "someone" tells me that I will passed my exams (prophecy?) and my answer is:

Really?! Good for her

Apparently I am not myself! I am still removing my teeth and cleaning them with something when this "someone" tells me something else, Kareem and cup of Malice are the same person…. What's that another prophecy?

I always loved dreams, I wonder what this can tell me about my state of mind. Other than the fact that I am obsessed with my exams and Kareem (too bad he's been busy with something)

I heard once that dreaming of losing my teeth could mean that I am worried about my looks or the way people see me, but what's interesting is that in the last couple of months I dreamed of losing my teeth 3 times, I never did before.


Chris in MB said...

gee, I've had several dreams about loosing teeth in the past. It must be a very common thing to dream about.

"losing my teeth could mean that I am worried about my looks or the way people see me"

That does sound logical.

Jos said...

In psychology, it is related to the 'Angoisse de Castration' [for guys mostly, but it has its interpretation for girls also].
Pazuzu check this : Link.
[Read pacoolssa's post]

Sorry for the people who don't understand French.

Einmal said...

Chris... it isn't common for me, it only started with the war thing lol.

The link didn't work :( please post it again, or at least send it to me by email or something

Jos said...

Ok, I'm gonna email you the link!