Sunday, October 01, 2006

My grandfather was invited

There were a funeral this week. The mother of a family friend, that family friend happens to be married to a man from my mom's natal town (I wonder if the expression Natal town is right in English)… Anyway the point is that my mom had the chance to talk to her father and brother and some other family friends.

Apparently, my grandfather was invited to the Mass last week. He received and invitation because his son's death.

According to my mother my grandfather was so proud of himself, for receiving the invitation and going there too, he had a seat reserved just for him inside the cathedral. My mom was actually feeling guilty for not going, with or without an invitation. She felt that she has failed her brother, or at least failed the cause for which he died. Seeing her dad made her feel better.

This is another aspect to the Hariça Mass. My uncle died in the early phase of the war, before the individualization of the 'ouwet (LF), there were just the Kae'eb. The fact that Geagea included these people means he has significantly fortified their attachment to both the 'ouwet and himself. Take my grandfather for example, he's over 70 years old, his health is reasonably good but he can already see the inevitable deterioration of his wife, he knows he'd be lucky if he can keep her for a few more years. His son died, he failed his son by letting him die, he failed his son when he failed to burry him, he planned to compensate by building a small monument in the place where he died once they go back to their homes, he failed also (my grandmother needed an urgent operation a few years back which consumed all the money they had received as a compensation for their son's death from the Kate'eb).

Now he had the chance to live a real Goodbye… And he was given that chance via Samir Geagea and the 'ouwet… Smart move.

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