Monday, October 16, 2006

Blogger chewed my entries!!!

I don't know why but blogger ate two of myblogs?! I can't even find them by searching! I'll post them next week, because I don't have them on my USB drive.

Anyway, this week wasn't so fine, I did something pretty terrible to myself, and to some people around me. Frankly, I don't feel ashamed of it but I feel sorry to have felt so terrible again. Well, aside from that it passed. This week's entries are not much about the local politics, I talked about the Armenians in Lebanon, this week's scientific tip:D, reflections about "why I care to read about Islam?", one post about Lebanese politics, more precisely about the mood shift I have noticed in graffiti politics, an interesting woman I saw last time in school and finally two cute little posts about a pretty pretty baby picture and another one about my new earrings

Have fun! Yes I know I've been actively blogging this week


jokerman said...

There are many ways to make blogger bring them back, there is a nice way & there is....well, a nasty way, its all up to him, he can cooperate or he can suffer. Now the question to ask blogger is: Is it safe?


Einmal said...

LoL jokerman... I think this is the first time you ever joke on my blog.... My sense of humour's infesting you