Monday, October 23, 2006


On my way home, I got into the bus with my cousin and a friend of ours (they are both chemistry students). At one point a guy got into the bus also… He was a shock!

He looked so merosexual, if not to say totally homosexual! He wore tight jeans, in fact his jeans were so tight that I can’t understand how was he able to wear them without feeling the pressure in certain areas. He also wore high boots that cover the lower part of the pants, which is a strictly feminine fashion in Lebanon. I don’t think he removes his eyebrows, in fact I doubt that he would need to. But judging from the look of his arms I believe he shaves his armpits now and then… The conclusion that we, my friends and I, made was very clear.

Now I admit that I feel somehow guilty for not sticking with him when we were commenting among ourselves about him (yes gossiping and stuff) and one of my friends made a rather harsh comment. I simply expressed my amusement about his looks and mentioned that his bracelet was awesome. Maybe I should have been more clear and expressed my support, or at least total tolerance, to the homosexual community. I mean I have done it before, at one occasion last year I answered Jean (who was also expressing homophobic opinions):

“Well, I have no problem with gay people, and in fact I find them very cute” (My exact words were Ktir Mahdoumin)

Why didn’t I? Maybe I feared a confrontation with Rana, who is someone that would brutally respond, or maybe I didn’t want to confront her after a friction about politics, or maybe I was just not in the mood. But I feel I should have been more clear.


shlemazl said...

1. What's merosexual?

2. Nothing wrong with shaving armpits once in a while :-)

Jos said...

Yeah, I guess it's the fear of confrontation, of being looked at with despise for supporting people who are seen as 'different'. I've been in such situations, and I acted the same unfortunately. We need so much more time to change the rigid mentality of our society. But this will happen hopefully.

Chris in MB said...

A very simple solution is to just ask the person:
"Why are you so preoccupied with a complete stranger's sexual habits?? You're preoccupation seems a little unusual & unhealthy to me!"

I admit that I can't help but giggle at peoples appearances sometimes, but never take it to a personal "mean" level. Why should I care about such things?

Chris in MB said...

shlemazl , allow me to answer question #1 for you.

"Mero" is actually the Spanish name for the "Grouper Fish", a large carnivorous salt water fish, also known as the Hammour in the Gulf region.

The Lebanese have an unusual breed of individuals within their society who perform sexual acts upon these sea creatures, and they are quite suitably called "Merosexuals". They are very closely related to the North American Metrosexual, but in appearance only.

Groupers also happen to be protogynous hermaphrodites, or possess the ability to spontaneously change their sex over their life time, depending upon environmental conditions. It's a well know fact that Merosexuals are deeply envious of their friend the Mero's abilities. This accounts for the Merosexual's unusual sexual habits & fascination.

Here's a good pic of a very sexy transexual Mero.

Lebanon sounds like a very strange & fascinating place indeed......

...btw, I have no idea how I knew what a Mero was, I'm just full of useless information, errr...oh wait...maybe that's just shit ;)

jokerman said...

sometimes to back off can be very wise. I have stopped short of shooting comments that i knew would infuriate some people, not out of fear, i would rout them anyway, but what for? They will not accept my comment for what it is neither are interested to hear & i am not wasting my breath.

jokerman said...

hey, was it merosexual or metrosexual?? i know the latter only.

shlemazl said...

Thanks, Chris!

I really should have figured it out myself. It's close enough :-)

Einmal said...

yes it's metrosexual not mero, sorry