Monday, October 16, 2006

Pwetty pwetty baby

Three things fascinate me when it comes to pictures:

  • Eyes

  • Babies

  • Weird looks

This picture has been keeping me busy and amused for the last couple of months, I totally love it. Every time I look at it I start smiling. It was great help during my exams, I just put it in front of me and stare at it, that way time passes by more easily and my mom always thinks I am studying.

But you can’t help yourself from asking:

How does this kid look like right now?

This picture is at least a few months old (the magazine appeared in September). Kids grow very fast.


Nomad said...

très expressif !

Chris in MB said...

I don't know....
Something about it disturbs me a little.
Too round & symmetrical. Something doesn't look right.

Sorry, I tried to like it but I think female hormones are required for this one.

"This picture has been keeping me busy and amused for the last couple of months..."

Hehe, now that is cute!

Jos said...

Very cute baby indeed!.. But my niece is even cuter! hehe.. I'll show you her pic one day, you'll love it! :)

Einmal said...

Try harder... you know if you don't like kids it will be hard to find a girl to sleep with ;). But who said disturbing is such a bad thing anyway.

Einmal said...

Oh and jos:
Show me your niece's I'll show you my brother's :D

Chris in MB said...

You know, you're right.

Ladies, I just loooove it!

...How's that?

Einmal said...

that's better chris