Monday, October 16, 2006

Latest addition to the Pazpaz Family:

Meet my new and probably favorite… Wait a minute, it’s my only pair of earrings… Wait again, there’s no ring… ok you get the idea.

The message(s) is (are) simple:

  1. My heart has fallen between my legs (Lebanese expression for I’m terrified)

  2. I love what’s between your legs
  3. Honey, I love you but you smell like ugly feet

  4. Stop teasing me with your toes

  5. or as we say it à la libanaise: Ijré b7obbak… My foot in your love! Haha, ok you have to be Lebanese to understand it

Ok that’s all I could think of. Personally I prefer the last one. Regardless of which thought these earrings inspire you, I find them awesome!


Nomad said...

ces boucles d'oreille ont peut-être un sens pour vous, mais je les trouve horrible ! désolée !

Chris in MB said...


shlemazl said...

This reminds me of the latest Julia Botrous song called "My Beloved". It is dedicated to Hezbollah and based on words by Nasrallah.

It says: "You are the masters, my beloved... I kiss the nobleness of your feet.

Jos said...

The funniest earrings I've ever saw! Do you actually wear them? :D

Jos said...

The funniest earrings I've ever seen! Do you actually wear them? :D

Einmal said...

Oui je sais, c'est pas grave, l'important c'est que je les aime moi meme

could be

I haven't heard it, she sang a lot for the south and everything it wouldn't be a shock, but I still love this singer :D

I am wearing them right now

I am wearing them right now

Jos said...

I couldn't delete the second entry! grrr.. This 'beta blogger' is getting on my nervous..

shlemazl said...

You love this singer? Gee.

Forgetting about her politics, she's got nothing about her. The music in that song was rubbish, she has no voice or looks. It is one of those unique situations when I can say "I can sing better" without people laughing at me.

Einmal said...

lol jos it was funny ;)

She has good songs, I told I havent' heard this particular one. But I wouldn't dislike her for it.
She doesn't sing with her looks, that's rare
Plus there are very few arab singers that actually have good voices unfortunatly
She often sings songs that are rather unique not the main stream kind of I love you I love you songs

shlemazl said...

You can listen to her song here. She does not sing with her looks, she does not sing with her music, she does not sing with her poetry and the video is crap...

Sorry, but it's junk.