Monday, October 16, 2006

Pregnant woman in white

On the first day of school (my brother’s school of course) I was taking him to class myself. I used to be my mom who was in charge of everything but this year she’s working.

I used to go to his school sometimes. I didn’t really miss the women chat, I mean how many times can you enjoy hearing a woman tell her friends that the home works are so hard but that her son’s brilliant never the less. Eventually you stop listening and all you think of is how floppy her breasts are and how ugly her high heels are with her casual cloth… hello! Ever heard of something called “fashion”. Sometimes you start looking around to see who’s looking at you, you conclude that everybody’s looking at everyone, men are the best lookers, they don’t waste their time talking, but usually their attention gets centered to certain organs.

Despite all the effort they put in getting clothed and their reputation for being extremely fashionable Lebanese women are simply not charming. Their style is so sophisticated that they lose track of the real beauty… The body, a Lebanese woman simply looks like a Christmas tree!

But from time to time you find a few that stand out of the crowd. One of them was a woman I saw on Monday. It was a pregnant woman with her child. I didn’t notice the child much; I was concentrated on the woman. She was wearing a white top, it wasn’t a see through shirt, but you could notice the shape of her nipples (if you look well enough). I don’t know why I found her so charming. She was very “normally” clothed but I guess it was that simplicity that made her so interesting. Not to mention that she was pregnant. Her belly wasn’t obvious at all but you could guess it from the form of her breasts. Pregnant women have very characteristic breasts. It’s difficult to explain but I suppose that if you have seen it you probably know what I’m talking about.

This reminded me of the time when I asked if men find pregnant women, or women who have gave birth to a child, sexy. A married man answered yes, most didn’t really answer. Personally I think such women are very very beautiful and sexy.


shlemazl said...

It depends on the man. Some have "preganant woman fetish". Others cant stand it.

My trouble is that I find all women sexy.

Jos said...

I think sexy women are sexy, whether pregnant or not :P

Einmal said...

haha I find pregnant women sexier :D I suppose it has alot to do with the connotation with love-making, child baring and stuff like that, it goes the same with guys also

shlemazl said...

Not quite sure what you are saying here. Do you fancy pregnant guys?

Einmal said...

shlemazl, I am certain that I wouldlove to watch a pregnant guy, but that's not what I meant back then, when I said this, what I meant was that signs of fertility (including pregnancy with women) are fascinating

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