Monday, September 25, 2006

I am feeling good! Well, that’s because today’s exam went pretty well, at least on comparison with the rest. You can check it all with this Long meaningless gossip about my exams. I said last week that I am in the midst of my exams right now and that I have neither the time nor the energy to blog. It’s still true now, I was scared that I might have nothing to post today except for two small entries one about my exams and the other about the weird symptoms of studying overdose, but I did find the energy to talk about Sunday’s event. And finally an entry about what Mary thinks of me and a report about my fattening process

On a side note I have noticed and increase interest in my blog (cool huh!) and I was thinking for a while of some changes that I might want to do, hopefully after my exams are over I will get the chance to work on it, but I want your opinion people.

  • I was thinking first of all of a change in my template or something, my brother encouraged me to do so, he can code java and he’s one of those computer nerds (but much cuter to look at). Don’t let your imagination carry you away, I still insist on black… But I don’t know if you have any suggestions that would be cool

  • About the date in which I update: I always update on Mondays, when college starts I might have to adapt that to my schedule. Because I would update from college (it’s a little cheaper there) do you guys have any preference?

  • With start of the war I had been posting a lot on politics and stuff, which led me to think that maybe I am mixing too many subjects in the same blog. As far as I’m concerned I like all the mixing and stuff, but I suppose that those who follow my blog strictly for the political part would feel bothered by the personal entries. I was wondering maybe I should open two independent blogs. Well I was thinking of keeping this blog diverse and creating other blogs that would contain only entries in the same atmosphere (these entries would certainly show up in the general blog). The idea seemed most of all appealing when I thought of how little science I talk about in here because most of you people wouldn’t be interested in it, especially that I wouldn’t always post in English (sometimes scientific terms can be stressing to translate). One of the negative side effects would be that some of the entries would turn out to be difficult to classify since I mix up subjects inside the same entry… I don’t know

  • My brother advised me to add an AdSense for advertisement, or maybe a tip jar or both, but I am uncertain of that since I don’t have any “professional” site or anything, but the idea is appealing never the less


chikashi said...

Hello,nice to meet to you.
My name is Chikashi Munakata in Japan.

It is interesting blog,
I am making a site introducing blogs of all around the Earth.

If you can ,Could I introduce your blog on my site?

I hope many persons can make a relationship ,can get good information.

Pazuzu said...

Sure Chikashi, btw your site is full of japanese stuff, I wonder why :P

Nomad said...

your background in black is inconfortable for my old eyes

otherwise, if you go in blogger, you'll find explanations how to change whatever you want

that's the way I did for my place

Chris in MB said...

I think you should keep in all on one blog, the best blogs are eclectic. The personal stuff also gives insight to the political subjects, gives one a sense of "where someone is coming from" & background.

You really should set up a tip jar.
Use it to get those brown boots! ;)

behind-the-scenes said...

I like that it's all mixed up together. If your brother codes programs, you could have a keyword or two on each entry and in the links area, a way of seeing entries by category/keyword.
That way your blog will be both encompassing and certain items will be easy to find.
You'll come up with the keywords that interest you. I suppose categories could include
Politics: global
Politics: lebanese
Thoughts: happy/sad/none
Feelings: (same)

shlemazl said...

I second both Nomad and Chris.

Well done with your exam! I knew you could do it if you tried :-)

jokerman said...

whatever you do pazuzu with your blog is your own decision, as long as one can read your blogs & reply without any trouble its ok with me.

Jos said...

First good luck for your exams!

No matter what you decide to do to your blog, will be ok with me. It's all up to you; I'm just eager to read what you write :)

Btw, your personal entries are as interesting as your other entries; and - for me - they're not boring at all! Bel 3akess.

Pazuzu said...

ok thanks everyone,

I didn't think of the possible reading diffiduclties the black font might cause, I'll see what I can do about it, and thanks for the tip about how to change stuff I never really search it that hard, I am relying on my brother for all the work once everything's decided

You still remember the brown boots thing!

Behind the scenes:
yes my brother promissed to help especially that he has an internet connection at home I don't!
(btw who the hell are you? you don't blog... how did you get here?)

I second my answer to nomad and chris :P and you just wait till I post on monday about this week's exams!


hehe, thanks