Monday, September 25, 2006

Pr. Pazpaz to know when to take a break

5 symptoms of excessive studying:

  1. Your start dreaming of friendly teachers that help you out with the difficult questions

  2. You close your eyes and you still see the picture of Schistosoma mansoni

  3. You can’t clearly see any object more than 20 cm away from your eyes

  4. You make extremely hilarious jokes concerning Pistacia vera and vero moda but no one finds it funny, instead they all think you’re losing your mental balance

  5. You start picking your nose in public… What’s the big deal anyway, it’s very healthy and helps evacuate… never mind

5 symptoms of over stressing resulting from excessive studying:
  1. The wind moves the door and you suffer a panic attack (I don’t really understand the reason behind this abnormality but it seems related to the stress)

  2. Nasrallah threatens to restart his bloody war again and your answer is:
    “WHO CARES!! The real issue is the secondary role of AND pol

  3. Everybody accuses you of being grumpy… Who’s grumpy?! I am a very reasonable, tolerant, extremely nice person!

  4. You start wishing for a boy friend (again)

  5. Masturbation (in spite of reason #4) is reduced to the role of regulating the Stress Hormones / Anti Stress Hormones equilibrium.


Jos said...

Outside being in an 'over stressing' situation caused by excessive studying, masturbation's role is always reduced to regulate some sort of stress, isn't it?? ;)

Pazuzu said...

actually, I find it rather fun and amusing , in stress times it's like doing your homework

shlemazl said...

Now look what you've done!

Jos used to be such a proper Christian girl and you got her thinking about masturbation.

Pazuzu said...

Shlemazl... now why are you putting your nose in a conversation taking place between two Christian Lebanese?

Oh and I don't think Jos needed my help to introduce her to this world, no one introduced me to it

Jos said...

Oh, one thing is sure : I'm not a *totally* and *completely* proper Christian girl :P

shlemazl said...

"Shlemazl... now why are you putting your nose in a conversation taking place between two Christian Lebanese?"

That's because I got a big nose and the subject is of interest. You don't come across two Christian Lebanese girls discussing the impact of masturbation on stress every day.

Perhaps one day you can write a PhD on this subject; it would make waves in the world of science.

I'll shut up if you really want me to.

Pazuzu said...

haha we can talk about it, and we often do, but we wisely choose the audience, a PhD is out of the question though ;)

Chris in MB said...

whoah! :O
I missed this discussion before!

I really should read every word of your blog more carefully next time.

I believe this interesting & important subject warrants a dedicated post of it's very own, with an in depth commentary from all the women of course.