Monday, September 25, 2006

College and college stuff

Wow, it seems like forever since I wrote anything. The touch of my green ink pen seems weird in my fingers (even though I write all day long with pens but the context make all the difference). I didn’t write anything from Monday till Friday, I miss blogging and there’s a lot I would have loved to write about but my mind’s totally blank.
You see, this week was OK in almost everything, but it was crazy when it comes to studying. I told you I had my botany exam last Monday but I didn’t feel like talking about it. The thing is that I had studied very well for it and it came below my expectations. Might fail, might get through, but definitely as much as I had worked for. And you know what? I totally blame the professor for it, I am not the kind that would blame the professor for my lack of work and I am not saying that I was perfectly prepared, no! If that was the case then any exam would have been passable. But I DID study; in fact I mostly studied Molecular genetics and Botany. The professor had a wide of variety of ways to ask questions, she could have asked about the characteristics of Botanical families, she could have asked about the classification of plants, she could have asked about the meaning of words in Latin and give examples, then to ask about some plants that give oil, or nuts or I don’t know what… she could have given a combination but NO!

She asked about plants that give oil (all 10 plants) and nuts all 8… Not just that she wanted the Latin AND French names, and she demanded all the names if you forget a couple of names you’re fucked… Oh and she asked about the plants that have a Latin name that ends with a county’s name… Not just that she wanted each country to be represented once and she didn’t want a region a continent, no! A COUNTRY…

She also asked about the plants that Jesus received on his birth… Oh I wonder if she would have asked that question if our university wasn’t in East Beirut.

She did ask some reasonable questions, but not that many the major notes were about the weird questions that totally drained my memory.

Enough talking about the Botany exam. On Thursday it was the molecular genetics exam. It was disappointing also, but I should be able to act through that. The disappointment in here is that the Professor gave the same exam 2 years ago… Exactly the same, the SAME. In fact, two years ago he made a typo writing: Enxyme instead of enzyme… did he fix it this year? No.

I suppose I should be happy about it, but the problem is that I don’t “study” the old exams, I check them to see my level, were I to know he gives the same exams over and over again, I would have studied them word by word.

And Friday… Friday… * Drums *…Friday… Zoology exam. As I said previously, I had neglected this exam to study Botany. But when I didn’t do that well in Botany, I had to try hard to study it and to do something, so starting from Tuesday I did a colossal work to try and compensate, and you could say it paid off. But it is not certain and what was annoying is that there were a question that I could have answered it was on 10 points, but I kind of mixed up the Nematode group with another… I could have had the complete note that would have given me a much better chance to succeed. But it’s ok, it’s not that bad.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep the same level of studying of last week on this weekend and the Pedologie this Monday. But then the exam was extra super easy… the professor’s so nice she would have solved the exam herself if that’s what it would take to help the student succeed.

Anyway enough with last week I still have a whole week of exams ahead of me:

- Tuesday Biometry ( I don’t think I can do this one)
- Wednesday English (should be easy)
- Friday Biochemistry (this is the most important because all possibilities are open)

And finally, about the new academic year:

In theory, the new academic year was supposed to start on November the 15th. Because our exams end on the 3rd of October, the exams for medicine and pharmacy should start after our exams’ results.

BUT! But apparently our courses will start on the first of November, with all the courses. And the English courses start on October the second! Crazy college, crazy country, crazy people!

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