Monday, September 25, 2006

What Mary thinks of me:

No I am not about to speak about Virgin Mary, Mary is a friend of mine in college. We are really close or anything, I am close to almost no one. But I do know her, at many occasions I talk to her as I do with all those and she’s nice so I’m always looking forward to talk to her. However I never tried to test her impression about me.

On the last exam of the last session (the beach day that is) I had my newest and coolest shirt to college and would certainly attract Mary’s attention because she’s so keen on fashion and stuff (you should see her collection of purses and hand bags, so girly but stylish never the less) that day she looked at me and instantly said to me:

Walla Rebecca, you’re looking very pretty today

It was nice of her and she didn’t seem jealous or anything, so it’s double compliment.

Last Friday, when I had my Zoology exam Mary and Alice invited me to study with them for the Biometry exam. I was extremely tired and we didn’t study anyway, it was just a chance to relax and get in touch with nice people.

At a certain point of the conversation Mary says to me:

Do you know what I think of you Rebecca?

It seemed totally out of nowhere but she’s famous for being spontaneous anyway.

I’ve known you for the last 2 years now, and at first I admit that I didn’t know you well, you seemed distant and unconcerned with the rest of the world…

Of course I interrupted by including a joke about no one knowing me since I have a very unstable character anyway (I have to insert a joke I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t).

No you have a very stable character, but last year I didn’t get the chance to know you any better, now that I know you… You’re a good person (“you have a good character” was what she exactly said, but I am not sure if the same expression is used in English)

Now of course, if she had hated me she wouldn’t have said it in my face, but I liked what she had to say anyway, I kind of like Mary, in fact I like most people if not to say all. And someone says something like that to me it feels so good. Eventually in my friendships I almost have nothing to give, I am not good at socializing and I tend to feel insecure and avoiding… As Mary had said “distant”. I am only good at doing two things, talking science. Yes in my real life I talk science, ecology and psychology almost as much as I talk about languages (because most people are not interested), religions and sects ( I could attract problems) or politics (politics is all about emotions most o the time, there is little to say). But by far my most rewarding social activity is joking and making others laugh, even if I look ridiculous and even if they don’t take me seriously because of it, it doesn’t matter, it feels good to know you can make people’s life a little brighter.

Mary’s word made me feel that maybe she saw that in me, and in fact she just gave me a blunt compliment saying I am “good”… who wouldn’t be happy to hear that.


Jos said...

I just love persons who talk about science/ecology/psychology.. and if I add to this your 'joking nature'- as you said - you'll get a 'you have a *great* character' from me; even if I don't know you in person :)

Pazuzu said...

oh! thanks Jos it means a lot to me... Now I can post and entry about "what Jos thinks of me " :P

Jos said...

lol :))