Friday, September 28, 2007

Dentist in Islamic headscarf row

I don’t know why I keep checking the BBC news, at times it just doesn’t seem to make sense at all. Now I expected some other bloggers to mention this but no one did and I just had to say a few things. This woman decides to go to this clinic cause it’s closer to home, right? That’s natural, we all do that anyway. Then she is informed that she must be a Muslim to receive treatment in this clinic AND that she needs to put a scarf too… What does she do? Instead of calling the police and informing them of this unethical and illegal act, she just goes there never the less and just wears some decent cloth. I don’t know if I were her I would inform authorities about it don’t you think? You see this reminds me of the time when I used to go to church every week, some priests, including ours, insisted that women should wear decent cloths and refused to give the girls undecently dressed the Eucharist… Remember that the only thing that denies you the grace of receiving the Eucharist is sin. So in other words not being dressed according to the codes decided by the priest is passable for sin, however, no priest is given the right to deny anyone the Eucharist, cause the priest might be god’s representative on earth but he is not god. The same goes for this doctor, he is not allowed to deny anyone medical treatment… right?

But let’s not insist on that point. So the woman goes there, without the veil, enters the clinic, then meets the dentist who gives her a lecture about Islam and the relationship between the man and the woman (typical religiously concealed sexism, I bet he even told her about how men can’t control themselves in the presence of promiscuous women!). Then, surprisingly, the woman accepts! Like Holly Fuck!! WHY?! I Why the hell does she take this shit from anyone?!

Wait wait, that’s not all, the dentist then demands her to go to the waiting room, wearing the scarf, and wait for a while before entering for the surgery! Like maybe he is giving her time to purify herself? But this time the woman finally revolts and refuses to go on and just leaves, without the scarf!

When the woman pressed charges the dentist certainly denied everything.

Being a woman that actually lives in an environment and encourages and glorifies such pudic acts, I have to say this, something doesn’t feel right in this story. In any normal situation the woman could have refused to go all together. The fact that she did go and she did accept to wear the scarf… But not in the waiting room! With all due respect I find this to be repulsively hypocritical! It’s her legitimate right to get the treatment she needs and no ultra religious sexist with power issues has the right to impose arbitrary rules on her, if she accepted then she must have some other motives behind her act! Now of course I support the fact that she would press charges against the idiot as late as it was, the guy should have his license canceled or something. He should be castrated then he won’t have any filthy desires towards women regardless of their dressing, now why doesn’t he do that?

But there is one last thing that intrigues me… When the woman went to the police, before making this whole subject public, why didn’t any female officer call the guy and try to arrange an appointment, just to check if the guy does refuse to treat some women?


shlemazl said...

A couple of things:

1. The dentist did not refuse to treat non-Muslim women and men. It's just that his "rules" applied only to Muslims.

2. It's not the police that is dealing with this. It's a Professional Conduct Committee. Even police isn't allowed to carry out "false flag" operations in the UK.

3. In any case the dentist admitted quoting "Islamic scripture" to the woman. Hardly his job. Guilty as charged.

NOMAD said...

UK seems to be F... up with the muslin rules. Never heard of any case like that in France (but I may-be not aware of all the news)

Anyway, last week I had UK customers who intend to settle in France (not retirees, about 45 years old), saying they can't stay no longer in their country because it's f. up and want to become frenchs because we are more patriotic ; I can't prevent myself to smile though ! Sarkozy's effect :lol:

Severian said...

To me this story illustrates a balance we must all keep in our lives:

The balance between being agents of change for society and the need to exist in harmony with society.

I often think of being a fish and society is the water I swim in. I have no hands or tools or any power to change my environment so I swim with the currents I find and swim around the barriers I encounter.

But then I think of bees who work hard and work together to create a very controlled, engineered living space. Bees are armed with effective tools and most important, with teamwork and they make their hive into a small den of perfection for them.

Everyone chooses some balance between living like a fish or a bee in their environment. Pazuzu's interest in LBTQ and Helem is very bee-like. We should all choose to join the battles which are most important to us. I guess how a patient chooses to deal with such a dentist is just such a choice.

shlemazl said...

Heck Nomad, that was relevant.

To which I say: "Why is it that French tanks have 3 reverse gears and 1 forward gear? It's in case the enemy attacks from the rear."

NOMAD said...


I think your not aware how gears work over here :


"qui va piano va sanno"
or "rien ne sert de courrir pour arriver à point"

do you know our Fabulist Jean de la Fontaine and the roman Esope ?

they wrote the fable "the hare and the tortoise"

It means we always were surveying our islamists without making noise about it.

and UK didn't help though, arguing that the poor "terrorists" would be hurt in a french trial

Paris bombing 1995

Rachid Ramda

shlemazl said...

Yes, Britain is screwed up like that. It's not easy to find a balance between individual freedoms and those who want to use them to bring about the Middle Ages. Frankly, no one has found the balance; France is hardly a paradigm.

NOMAD said...

France is hardly a paradigm.

but so far the laws of paradygm work better there than elsewhere :p

shlemazl said...

Bullshit. North America has it about right, but certainly not France where you can't wear religious symbols in the office (law) or in the street (law of the mob).

NOMAD said...

North America has it about right

I fear that it will not work long though, according to what I read on american blogs

at least, in France, laws help to make the paradigm come real year after year, lentement mais sûrement slowly but surely)