Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Rorschach this!

While studying the other day, my brother was asked to compose an ending for a story about a nice sorceress that performs magic through music. Check out what my brother wrote:

Elle se servait de sa guitare pour attirer les loups, les serpents et les souris. Ils sont gentils. Les enfants qui viennent jouer s’enfuient parce qu’ils ont peur d’elle. Ils racontent à leurs parents et leurs parents décident de détruire la sorcière. Elle s’enfuie et les parents mettent le feu à la forêt. Tous les animaux s’enfuient.

In English :

She used her guitar to attract wolves, serpents and mice. They are nice. Children that used to go there to play ran away because they were scared of her. They told their parents and their parents decided to destroy the sorceress. She escapes and the parents burn the whole forest. All the animals run away.

I was wondering what should I understand from his creativity? They gave him a very peaceful, fluffy, plane subject that he turned into an epic melodrama about the destructive force of ignorance and kids. In fact, if you look closer, his story seems to be an alternative version of the genesis myth. Afterall, the big bad animals were living in perfect harmony till the kids and their parents destroyed everything out of ignorance and not out of bad intention. What’s funny is that no one in his story is evil but yet everything goes wrong! And above all I am intrigued by his conclusion: Ignorance prevails and goodness ran way?!

P.S.: Though I did fix numerous spelling and grammatical mistakes (and fixed fixed sentences all together), I did NOT contribute in any way to the elaboration of the whole idea. He did it all by himself and I only corrected mistakes when he was done.


NOMAD said...

uh, the kids like that the stories have a "bad" end

I suppose he is learning french :lol:

C said...

...must be very short of writers & talent at your bros work, having to resort to him contributing like this.

So when can we expect this to be aired on Lebanese television? :P

Pazuzu said...

lol nomad! They do?! I thought they liked easy endings with everyone so happy!

C.... my little brother doesn't work :P he's an 8 years old school student

NOMAD said...

of course they do :lol:

do you know the "conte de Perrault", frightening !

I used to like that sort of stories , one upon a long time ago

C said...

"my little brother doesn't work"

well you never said it was the "little" one :P
I just assumed ;)

Severian said...

It is adults who write happy endings for children, thinking that is what is best for them. What adult doesn't have a warm feeling for the "hope" in the hearts of children?

Some children are critical of the world around them and I'm glad your brother can express his view that the superficially caring and sweet society around him has a repressive side and has not served his needs and should be disrupted.

When I was his age I was asked to write a poem about love for Valentine's Day. My creation invoked such negative sour imagery as a cat dunked in lemon juice. My teacher found it very amusing as it was picked as one of those to be read to the class. I was surprised that all the other kids wrote poems about the warmth and beauty of love and all that crap. I didn't realize I was alone in being such a cynic at that age.

Anyway, I came out okay, so I think there is hope for your brother ;-).