Monday, April 30, 2007

Polygamous lesbians flee Sharia

I don’t know what to think of this news, it’s really really interesting.

So a woman marries 4 women at the same time, and flees from Sharia. I don’t know which is a greater crime to society lesbianism or polygamy ( I didn’t know if the right term would be polygyny or polyandry but anyway, labels don’t really matter, right?). If you ask a European what’s the most shocking about this s/he would tell you: Well ok she’s a lesbian, but to marry 4 women?! That’s immoral and degrading and a woman should know better. If you ask a Muslim what’s most shocking about this s/he would say: A woman marrying women?! Disgrace! To most Lesbians (and we all know the correlation between lesbianism and feminism, this is most of all disturbing because a lesbian ought to know better, she ought to know how degrading this would be to the women that she has married. Add to all this

But what all parties would agree on is that this sounds awkward and abnormal! I guess the only group that would enjoy this kind of news would be the average guy who gets turned on by lesbian sex… You’ll probably hear him say: Cool Man! Imagine the orgy! Man this woman must be the man she’d be the dominant one... Fucking cool man!

Here’s what I find shocking in the story:
  1. Who wed them? Lesbian marriage can’t be celebrated by any cleric

  2. Why did she marry 4 all at once? Is there any chance that she would actually love them all, or any of them?

  3. What is she trying to do? Many homosexuals would like to have a chance of marriage, not in order to legalize their sexual behavior, but to get social recognition (after all they love each other just as any straight couple does) why should they be denied this fundamental right? In addition to certain legal rights concerning heritage and the legal status of any child the couple had. In this case I find it hard to see any of that. They all had to flee their homeland and to seek refuge elsewhere and they have no children

I have been reading and re-reading this article for days now trying to figure it out. It’s just too plain odd! But then again, and being so obsessed with anything paranormal I am always reaching the same conclusion… These women, until I am presented with any evidence proving me wrong, are one hell of a gang. Not only they chose to defy social standards and live their own sexuality, but they also chose to do so without losing their identity. They preserved their Muslim roots but still chose to live their identity.

But FUCK!!! I’d never marry more than one person haha.


Chris in MB said...

What I'm wondering is if the 3 married the one or if it was all mutual all the way around. Heterosexual polygamy would be complicated enough, but with same sex I can see it becoming an exponentially more complex social dynamic!

btw, I can't help thinking this was more of a political/social statement than anything else. To marry all 3 at once just seems a little outlandish. Also seems suspicious that they are all public figures as film actresses.

Chris in MB said...


"If you ask a European what’s the most shocking about this s/he would tell you: Well ok she’s a lesbian, but to marry 4 women?! "

Actually to me the most shocking is imagining what may happen once their menstrual cycles synchronize!!!
OMG.... the PMS drama would be quite frightening, yet very fascinating!!! :-O

shlemazl said...

"I’d never marry more than one person haha."

Never say "never",

NOMAD said...

different tastes and polygamy is in human nature since such a long time ago


Pazuzu said...

Actually chris, I don't know how to explain this to you but the ONE woman married 4 other women! so as a total it's 5 women living as a huge family:D

Shlemazl: NEVER EVER EVER EVER! Just for the record I am speaking of polygamy here, not saying I will never divorce or something:P

Nomad: 100% true... that's what makes this marriage so interesting I think she did it because it's part of her culture somehow, part of her biology.... but FUCK! I won't do it!

Chris in MB said...

ooops, yes I misinterpreted the numbers :P

Liev said...

It would be polygyny, more than one woman. But I think Chris is right, it is a publicity stunt. How will they have children? Descend en masse to a sperm bank and drain it dry? Hire some pud stud for a week and drain him dry, suffering through the agony of heterosexual sex and impregnation? Something doesn't add up here.

Pazuzu said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL liev! What a lucky drainable stud that is! but usually lesbian marriage isn't about marriage though it is the case sometimes