Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Body weight and global warming

Ok ok! Ecologists have spent decades trying to make raise awareness and revive the naturalistic nature of Man, unfortunately, they miserably failed, they warned us about global warming, the yelled Apocalypse!... Nothing worked.

But I believe I have found the ultimate way to address the public is a Humanly comprehensible manor:


Global warming makes you FAT!


You see the principle is very simple, the body usually accommodates to heat stress by (among other methods of course) increasing transpiration (sweat). But there are certainly limits to how much a body can adapt (in this case sweat), so the body's water cannot drop for more than 0,5% maximum. Now, always keep in mind, sweat is an immediate reaction, a short term adaptation. Our bodies rely most of all on long term adaptation, so what happens is that our body needs to increase the amount of water it can dissipate by transpiration, the 0,5% being constant, the body will proceed by increasing its stock of water in the body hence increasing body weight.

Tell people that they will go fat if the climate continues to warm up and you'll see them doing everything to reduce the temperature. Now this approach is totally falsified and the increase of weight is insignificant but we don't need to tell them that much details, after all President Bush took the USA to war saying there are arms of mass destruction...

The main point is that people are hypocrites, there were a documentary a while back about medical tests for a disease very wide spread in Africa (wish I could remember which illness) but the project couldn't provide sufficient financial support to produce the substance as the disease is most spread in Africa and there fore the patients won't be able to pay money (it will be mostly donations and stuff) so there were not enough profit. The project was stopped. Then a few years later, this same substance was discovered to have beneficial effects on the skin, so it was incorporated into a cosmetic product... The project became profitable for pharmaceutical companies, so now the drug is being produced in parallel and dependently of the production of that cosmetic substance. Apparently, the beauty of rich women's skin is far more important than the lives of poor people. I wish I could scream against imperialism and the globalisation, but I can't because it isn't modernism that created this injustice, modernism just revealed it, and also revealed our impotence against it.


programmer craig said...

Cute post:)

You managed to slip a few important statements in with all the funny "rants" too.

So, you are in "escapism" mode, eh? I have a friend I'm worried about right now, and the weird thing is I'm scared for her while I'm sitting here in Los Angeles, and she's just going about her business like nothing is wrong. It's weird how different people respond to stress, isn't it?

Chris in MB said...

"I have a friend I'm worried about right now, and the weird thing is I'm scared for her while I'm sitting here in _____, and she's just going about her business like nothing is wrong."

ummm yeah! Craig I think I can relate to that actually!

Liev said...

So true. The ills of humanity are a function of us being human. Those who demand massive changes and right quick might not know what they are asking for. Would you be willing to surrender your humanity to make the world a better place?

Pazuzu said...

@escapism: What are our choices anyway ? Give in to intimidation?

Liev: We have to demand changes, it's either to change or to let life change us. I don't think we can lose our humanity by attempting to change the world, as long as we are willing to change then we are humans, it's the lack of motivation for a better world that makes us lose our humanity