Monday, September 18, 2006

So I break records in both bad luck and stupidity….I always post first, check stuff later, but then I though to myself: Relax Rebecca today you're not paying for it, so take your time and read first post later… So I read and what when I start posting (in parallel with some more reading)… Connection dies! So I have a few posts posted and the rest is a mystery, not to mention that I was chatting at the same time, he must feel I slammed some cyber door in his face.

So what happens next? Instead of saving the work I was doing on the USB till I get the chance to post it… I delete it all, you know … um… because… Hell! I don’t know why I've deleted it, I just did it because I did it, because I like deleting stuff. Fortunately, it was just the introduction entry with which I link to the other posts.

Anyway the posts aren't that great this week, I was busy studying and posting was mentally annoying and exhausting. I did have a lot to say and I have a lot of ideas on the waiting list (yes I have a waiting list) but ideas seem to go out so incoherent! That sucks. I did manage to post a few bits

I have some good news for this week though:

My Big Big Brother is now a celebrity!!! Ok ok no he’s not a celebrity, but his name appeared for the first time on TV as part of the technician team in that particular program, unfortunately we didn’t have that channel so we didn’t see it, but his name DID appear! It’s cool to see him having a good start in life (God knows the amount of difficulty he’s facing daily).

Answer to the tag I received

Some tunisian words I couldn't understand

Just something that my Aunt likes to do

The Pope's word

My little little has turned 7 on the 13th of September! He's a man now.

My mom seems to be better, I don't know, she's still sleeping a lot.

My dad Well he's as always, his back pain seems to have diminished, he's always smiling anyway.

The worst exam is over, now there's th4e other bad exams, I hate exams more than I hate … Never mind

I am going to post the links to the other blogs that I read now (well there aren't much anymore since I only get to dig up for an hour or two every week) but, if the connection helps, I'll post them. I was going to do that last week but I forgot to save it on my flash memory.

Anyway I am posting my email address too, that way anyone can send me any question, it'd be better that way, instead of leaving a comment and waiting a week till I read it, then another till I get the chance to answer, well I might not get the chance to read my mail often, but who knows…

Speaking of comments, sorry I didn't answer the comments last week I forgot! I'll try to compensate this week.


shlemazl said...

can't find your e-mail address. Did you post it?

Pazuzu said...

no not yet faced trouble last time wish me luck this time :D