Monday, September 18, 2006

my bag!

Ok, I couldn’t get a camera to take a picture as most of you adults do ( you can find a careful scan of what I have in here but I couldn't upload), yes it sucks to be myself. But anyway here’s a item by item scan of what I have in pack, in fact I have two packs but I usually have the same in both.

1- It’s just a paper that belonged to my brother. He doesn’t need it anymore, but somehow it got into my bag and I can’t get rid of it anymore.
2- It’s the same paper as #1 but on the back side, it’s a map of how to get to a particular store that sells cereals and stuff like that, my mom wanted me to buy some tea, I never found the damn thing, I never used the map either.
3- Bus ticket… Yes I collect these things but I usually put them somewhere else.
4- List of books, I keep lots of these things but not on separate papers, the list is formed with all the references that I find when ever I am reading a certain book. This list is from the book I read a while back “L’histoire des juifs en France”.
5- Another list, from the Science et Vie - Hors Série about the First humanoids.
6- Gloss… it’s a birthday gift.
7- A sticker I got from the CCF one day, but I don’t have a radio, the radio I used to have died!
8- That’s the amount of tissues that I carry with me
9- A tombola card I got from Nagi, the LF candidate for the elections.
10- A small piece of paper, an invitation to participate in a religious meeting (prayers and stuff) there’s a lot of these things that take place in and around my college and the surrounding schools and colleges too. I don’t participate in any of these but I keep the paper.
11- No prize for guessing what those are.
12- … I couldn’t remember how it’s called in English so the French-speaking friends have to help out… It’s a ruban adhésif
13- That’s my best friend: My small bag of pain killers: A couple of regular Panadol tablets (blue) and couple of Panadol Extra tablets (In red), and the small yellow tablet is Brexin, the oblong tablet’s Ponstant… I’m phobic when it comes to pain.
14- That’s what you find in my wallet (Item #31 at the bottom): 2 Lebanese coins (100LL =6 cents; each) and one franc belge. ( I have no idea where I got it from, it’s no longer in use). And a couple of Panadol tablets (again)
15- A small piece of paper, it’s a name I am meaning to search online.
16- My note book, it’s cheap (50cents) and it’s useful, I have it for the last 3 years now, I use it for everything and anything, I even have the phone number of the guy that used to harass me last year, I’ll never call him but I keep his number.
17- That’s my ID… The Lebanese way. It isn’t obvious on this picture, but the religion is still mentioned on the ID (makes it easier to figure out whether I should be killed or not in case war breaks out again)
18- That’s Lebanese money, that’s all the money I had left that day, 1000LL = 60 cents (almost).
19- The Jounieh’s CCF card, along with the cover and the schedule (the yellow small paper)
20- Wacth #1 that’s the official watch, I hated it since my mom bought it for me, the colour the look, the shiny stuff, the size, nya’! But it doesn’t matter anyway, I haven’t put a watch around my hand for almost 4 years now, I simply lost the habit and never felt the need for it.
21- Watch #2 this one has been broken for more than 3 years now, but as I said before I keep my watch in my purse so it just hangs around, I don’t throw these things away anyway, they carry so many memories. I still have all my watches since I was 14.
22- Watch #3 this one has been broken for just 1 year or two.
23- Exams card, I need that for the second session
24- Beirut’s CCF card with the cover, the schedule (yellow paper), the summer schedule, the return time of my last borrowing, it expired right in the middle of the war, I am going to be in so much trouble when I return the books.
25- My keys along with my key holder, and small scissors of course!
26- Razors, yes I keep a couple of razors in each of my purses.
27- My college card for the third year.
28- My Library card, third year also.
29- My college card for the first year. (The second year card was lost)
30- … Does it need explaining? (I just can’t remember the damn name for it in English) I use it to write my thoughts. That’s where my entries are born, and then I write them back to the computer.
31- My USB port flash memory… Big thanks for Pazuzu’s brother (he paid for it) and for Pazuzu’s mom (she got me the yellow holder that was the excuse for Pazuzu’s brother to buy the Flash memory)… Oh and I am holding it with my hand to make it appear better, it you open my backpack you are unlikely to find my hand in it.
32- My wallet… isn’t it the cutest thing ever?
33- To be perfectly honest, there’s one other thing I carry everywhere with me, but I can’t tell you about that… (No I don’t have any sex toys!)

I know you all think I went too far and that I keep to much useless stuff… But this is my safety zone, I like collecting papers, they carry words and words carry thoughts and memories, I like all the bullshit that I carry around, you should see the things I have packed in my mountain home!

P.S.: Dimensions are heavily distorted; item # 30 is much bigger for example… Sorry.


Nomad said...

ruban adhesif : scoth

Chris in MB said...

12 = adhesive tape?
30 = diary?

shlemazl said...

Wow. This is incredible. You are like a walking museum :-)

Pazuzu said...


thank you

I know! I just love to gather stuff, you should see the stuff I have back in the country house

Jos said...

I know it's very blurred and all, but it's nice to see your pic (sort of) on your ID :)) Didn't you get the new one yet?

Pazuzu said...

no we did all the applications like 7 years ago! the papers never came and then the Mikhtar said that the government isn't taking aplications anymore and that he'll tell us when that would be possible... bla bla bla... Ibtaçim anta Loubnani!

but I wanted to get the new ID, with the old one I have to get a new one every once and a while, everytime I need anything official done and it costs 11 000LL everytime, an ID costs 50 000 but it's final! not to mention it's more practical

Jos said...

Same thing happened with my bro. He's still stuck with the old one like you; and the Mokhtar's excuses are almost the same. We're still leaving in the first century here I guess.. hehe.. :P